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August 04 2010

Eliza Dushku at Tsutaya Roppongi in Japan for Dollhouse S1 promotions. Pictures of Eliza in Japan promoting the season 1 release of Dollhouse. Seems like the DVD is going to do really well there. Here is the Japanese cover art.

Edited to add the cover art.

Eliza has a very nice bottom.

Captain Obvious.
Eliza looks great in orange. Seems to be ideal for a Japanese TV ad, actually.
Japan, you'll thank us for Echo, Victor, and the people who can be anything. I think it's because Dollhouse could also be an anime series, with a few changes here and there.
"Thought-Girl Ninja, Go Fight !"

Eliza has a very nice bottom.

Captain Obvious.

I hereby submit you as brevet Major, for services to obviousness above and beyond the call of duty.


(ah Roppongi. While on holiday a mate got into a drinking contest with a Kiwi there from which I learned two things. 1) Kiwis, particularly of the rugby playing persuasion, can really drink. Seriously. And 2) if you're going to get into - and subsequently lose - a drinking contest with a Kiwi rugby player, make sure you've got two bloody mugs with you to carry you back to the train station in the pouring bloody rain)
That trailer on Amazon is thrilling. Is there any information regarding whether or not this release will come with a Japanese dub? If so, I'm tempted to buy it -- my Japanese could really use the work-out.

Edit: duh, it says so right in the information. xP Unless I'm reading it wrong, it should come with both a Japanese and an English dub, with both Japanese and English subtitles. Yay!

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I think I'm going to import it. Learning Japanese from my already obsessive Dollhouse watching? Awesome.

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That's an absolutely awesome trailer on Amazon.
Truly is an awesome trailer. So much to like.

I really appreciated the juxtaposition of the soft focus image of Echo pulling up her pantyhose with the creepy violins. I think it just showed they understood the concept well.
I agree, viewingfigures. That last shot with of Echo with that sly look on her face, pulling up her pantyhose, was very effective! The Australians also had some good advertising but the Japanese trailer is just sold it.
Guess it's a Japan thing only, nothing in Taiwan, yet Tru Calling complete box was released here.
Wow, those pix are kinda arty. You've got a show about a woman being sold as a commodity to play fantasy roles, and juxtaposed with the woman playing the woman are multiple copies of the image of her playing a fantasy role, with the image being used to sell a commodity that is an aggregate of fantasies about a woman who is sold as a a commodity and an aggregate of fantasies.

And then there's this shot of the actor either (a) playing or (b) poking fun at the role of happy consumer purchasing the fantasy commodity.

This show is so disturbing. But Eliza Dushku is made of super-stuff!

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Is it me, or did Eliza Dushku just get another makeover on a Dollhouse DVD cover? Shouldn't there be some kind of limit on how many times FOX can commission digital breast implants?
Doesn't this just demonstrate that Fox needs to outsource its trailers to whichever Japanese company made this one? Dollhouse ratings could have been stratospheric!!!

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