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August 04 2010

Newly Repackaged Angel and Buffy Complete Series. In case you don't already own these... ;). Buffy link: here.

It seems to only be Angel that's been repackaged?
I'll happily hold onto my older, single release sets while I wait for both to come to Blu-Ray. Still cool though.
I'm surprised they've never brought out a Buffy and Angel Complete Series Boxset.
Not really loving the designs for either of these. I much prefer my 'Chosen Collection' boxset and Angel boxset and their designs. I'm just waiting for Blu-ray too.
I think they look great but I prefer the tall and slim style of the box set's I have (Buffy and Angel) over the short and wide style of the new box set's
I have prefer these to the original series box sets. I really want to get the Angel design (the wing things, not the words) tattooed.
Maybe won't happen ever, but I'm waiting for Blu-ray versions too, as I already own the Complete Collection of Angel and the 7 sets of Buffy.

I wonder if they'll look as these spanish releases. The format is similar:

Still love my individual bible style box sets for all seasons - excluding Angel Season one (the now regular case) and Buffy season one (the cross shaped package.) A complete box set is definitely easy to store and arguably neater, but the pile of individual seasons (together in chronological order, of course,) looks more satisfying.

Not that fussed on Blu-Ray. Sure it looks a bit better, but the quality on DVD is still great and I don't think the marginal improvement warrants buying new equipment when the older player still works. It is surprising that they haven't released it yet though.
I heard blu-ray for Buffy is impossible, due to how it was filmed/edited or something. They would have to re-edit several seasons to make it into blu-ray, if I don't remember incorrectly. The fan who told me seemed to know what he was talking about. Not sure if he mentioned Angel.

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I have the new(ish) UK releases of them both, with an M-Lock per season. If I had only one complaint (apart from the technicals), the paper is somewhat flimsy. These, on the other hand, look very sexy. Different to the Chosen Collection but still very nice.

I think Angel could be released in BD, but I'm doubtful anything else would be without big remasters. SyFy UK air Angel season 5 in HD - none of the others though.
They could both be released on BD, but it'd be the same situation as Firefly -- any special effects shot would simply be upconverted, since they were rendered in 480p.
Buffy on Blu-Ray is definitely not impossible. People just have to realize that it wouldn't be this super slick mega upgrade where it looks like a recently released movie. It WOULD look better than its DVD counterpart though, which is what the goal ultimately is: the best possible way to view the media.

Plenty of older shows (and movies) are being released on BD, with great results (The Prisoner, for example).

It will definitely happen, one day, especially with the rest of Joss' catalogue on BD and the Joss marketing machine gearing up for The Avengers.
This is great news. After this, there's no way to milk the DVDs any more. The BluRay cow has to come next.
I'd want a Star Trek situation for Buffy, really. Only problem being, we're definitely not Star Trek. Buffy might be able to beat Star Trek in a fight, but Star Trek's friends are much more aplenty than than the Scoobies, I feel.
They already repackaged the individual seasons of Angel and Buffy into single dvd cases (like Dollhouse S1). I'd prefer that over the original bulky ones which takes up too much room. But the only way I'd rebuy Buffy or Angel is if they get released to Blu Ray.
Ooh I really like the Spanish ones, and I could always use a refresher in the language...hmmm.
Unfortunately unlike for Firefly, it would take YEARS to prep these for HD if it's even possible.
Like a lot of shows in the late 80's-90's, (Star Trek TNG, Voyager, DS9 The X-Files)
although shot on film, (and S1 and S2 of Buffy was shot on 16mm!) with the exception of S5 of Angel, all the Buffy and Angel eps. were edited and all the FX done on SD video. The masters only exist on SD video. Would require a TON of work to get these ready for HD. You couldn't just transfer the live action non FX shots to HD as they are only edited together on an SD master. Finding ALL the original unedited film footage, rescanning in HD, re-editing, then even without re-doing all the FX in HD will take years to do if they ever bother.

What wouldn't surprise would be maybe a best of set. Testing the waters first. The Musical, some other choice eps.

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