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August 04 2010

The Avengers logo reveal. This teaser trailer was shown at Comic-Con. Awesome Samuel L. Jackson voiceover.

Love it.A perfect teaser.They should include this as a teaser trailer with Captain America next July.

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Isn't Avengers slated to start shooting in February? If so, they could have a full on trailer by the time Capt America is released. Heck, they could have it for Thor.
Looks like its been pulled. That was quick.
That was a dirty trick, Simon. ;)
Ah, yes, I was wondering where the heck I could find it. I guess it has been pulled, yeah. Here's a version on youtube (until that gets pulled too, of course ;)). Love the voice-over.
I've had the 'A' portion of 'Avengers' as wallpaper on my phone for over a week now.
And...there is a typo in the tag. That is all.
Thanks for the link GVH. :D It makes it sound kind of...origin-y, doncha think?
has there been any announcement or rumers as to who or what the bad guy(s) are?
You know, that is a very good question. Pretty sure the answer is no.
I find that amusing about this film. They have built up several characters over the past few years (or year, in some cases) and yet we're getting a completely new villain(s) (complete with origin and motives!) in the film. Interesting challenge.
has there been any announcement or rumers as to who or what the bad guy(s) are?

Yes. It's been rumoured that it's either going to be .

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