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August 04 2010

Zombie Penny or Robot Penny: How can Felicia Day return in Dr. Horrible? io9's round-up of their Dr. Horrible related coverage from SDCC including conversations with Felicia Day and Simon Helberg - as well as some Guild stuff for good measure.

Personally my vote's for Frankenpenny and The Bride of Dr. Horrible.

I vote for a Zombie and Robot penny duet.
I can see Robot Penny happening. Billy was obsessed, so the only logical thing a man can do is create his own Buf--Pennybot.
Personally, I'd like to see William take the Elsa Lancaster "Bride of Frankenstein" route. I can just see Felicia rocking that high hair do.
If Robot Penny is anything like the Buffybot... happiness ensues.

But it's a comic book world, so easily done. Time travel. Cloning. Artificial reality. Alternate reality. Evil twin.

Heck, in my head, I've got a Serenity sequel mapped out where I not only bring back one Wash, I also bring back a second younger moustached Wash (then I kill them both off in the end, because I'm evil)
My money is still on an Obi-Wan Kenobi half corporeal ghost/voice appearance. You know to keep Billy Buddy on the right track.
Ooh alcabongTV I could be swayed. But she still gets to keep the Elsa lancaster "do" though, right?
My money is still on an Obi-Wan Kenobi half corporeal ghost/voice appearance. You know to keep Billy Buddy on the right track.

"Use the froyo, Billy"

And robot Penny fer sure. But a brain-eating robot. Win win.
I don't know, Bride of Horrible sounds pretty in character for Billy. There is also the possibility of Clone Penny...
1)GVH I both see and support your point.

2) robot penny would be really hot (with cyborg style visible metal bits...literal little bits of metal you pervs)

3)but... Bride of Horrible FTW BreathesStory
I don't know, Bride of Horrible sounds pretty in character for Billy. There is also the possibility of Clone Penny...

Couldn't you just picture the whole climactic resurrection scene musical number in the castle with the accompanying Tesla coils, lightning storms, etc... (it also fits rather well with my running dream synopsis if I may say so myself.) ;)

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The Penny Ray: it projects a 3D Penny with surround sound.
The Penny Ray: it projects a 3D Penny with surround sound.

aka R2D2 with a horrible retrofit...
"Help us Robo-zom PeneLope, you're our only hope !".

At this point everything [i've made up] is pointing to a Jedi brain-eating Robot Penny. It's totally inevitable. Go on, try and evit it, I dare you.
If he does go the Romero route, someday I might buy the first film but I won't get this :-).
It's the superhero genre (kind of), so naturally they'll go with a Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey-type resurrection given that Joss is/was an X-Men fan and Felicia Day looks like she could be Famke Jenssen's cousin.
I pushed for years for a zombie Wesley, and all I got was a ghost, so I hesitate to suggest anything for poor Penny (because I REALLY want her to return, in whatever form Joss wants). But Robots are cool!
She could also return not as Penny, but instead as her long lost and absolutely identical twin sister Peggy. ;) This leads to the possibilities of Evil Twin or a sister who's mad as hell and out for revenge! I kind of like the idea of a Peggy who's out to stop the Evil League of Evil... I'm sure Captain Hammer would like to "help."

Or alternatively, there's a whole host of applications for the element Phlebotinum (Ph): time machines, transmogifiers...and a bunch of really evil stuff that I'm apparently not evil enough to think up, dammit. *sigh* (I'm not going to even bother applying to the ELoE, now. I guess it was my "reach" organization. I'll just fall back on my "safety" choice, The World Crime League. They take anyone I hear...)
The question is what is the metaphor that is appropriate? How does one get one's lost Penny back? Especially in a way that is appropriate to someone with a PhD in Horribleness?

I say that since the original metaphor was about the writer's strike and had to do with both sides fighting over (and losing) a penny, a situation which ultimately made no real difference, Billy pining over his Lost Penny then being haunted by an intangible Phantom Penny would work, while I can also see how having a taxing, troublesome, less-than-hoped-for, artificially-produced Bad Penny could, also. Which, of course, means both could happen!

And in a perfect(ly Horrible) world, Dr. H. would combine the two to form a Shiny New Penny for him to keep, but of course it isn't such a world, and given the analogy of him as a writer and Capt. Hammer as producer, the new Penny should slip out of both of their fingers and become self-actuated and finally fully aware, a Bright Penny objecting to both the Evil League of Evil and Corporate Grandstanding masquerading as Good. She'd be the Penny given back to the common folk, the Penny on the street, the Penny for charity that reminds, inspires and becomes the seed for many others, a rare Penny worth far more than face value. In short, she'd be Lucky Penny, secretly influencing and helping out anyone she comes in contact with.

Perhaps she could even team up with similarly self-empowered sister-friends Clover Forleif, Hope Best and Ava Hart. They could call themselves Four Good.
embers: Sorry, both a true voudoun zombie and a romeromorb require a body. And Wesley's body (up until about 5 years ago this summer) was stuffed into a preservation capsule in Cyvus Vale's laboratory where Higher-Being-Cordy shoved it until she could devise a more permanent solution.

Grotesk: And how could such namby-pamby super-heroines stand before the wrath of a true villain such as War-hog, the Nietzchean Super-Pig? I'm not sneering, I really wanna know :-).
Elsa Lanchester's Bride of Frankenstein all the way.

Dr. Horrible already has a lot of Victor Frankenstein-ness. Him bringing Penny back to life is obvious! With the requisite tragic ending, of course.

Penny dressed up as an angel and Captain Hammer dressed up as a devil over Dr. Horrible's shoulder (and singing!) could also be an entertaining route.

Romero-zombie!Penny would be great for a nightmare dream sequence while making his bride. The body part munching scene would be a hilarious homage. Or possibly a tribute to Karen Cooper with her parental spade-stabbing scene.

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Penny Dreadful - it's Penny but from an alternate dimension.

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