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August 04 2010

Behind the scenes at Neil Patrick Harris' Rent. Includes interviews with and effusive praise of NPH, who's directing the production of Rent opening this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl.

The interviewer seemed a bit smarmy in the beginning, but the interviews are great, and the show sounds like it will be great. I wish I was in Hollywood so I could go to see this!
I'll be going on Friday! And then Thrilling Adventure Hour on Saturday - hopefully Danny Strong or Tom Lenk will be there.
Funny, I saw NPH in Rent probably 10 or 12 years ago, when he was in the LA cast. He played Mark, and at the time, everyone said, "Doogie Howser's in Rent?" Now he's producing.

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I miss Wayne Brady.
I wish I could go see this, looks amazing!
"Rent" was the first stage musical I saw, and I absolutly loved it. And this production looks amazing. I would love to see it.
Nuts, they took the video down. I would love to see what Neil does with the show.

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