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August 05 2010

When Firefly met Star Trek. To boldly go, gorramit.

I think this is the originsl source of the pic that's currently doing the rounds.

I'm a little uneasy about who's wearing the red shirts.
If ever anyone could buck the redshirt curse it's River.

As manips go that's a) pretty decent technically, ii) pretty cool conceptually and 3) weirds me out 99% less than 99% of the rest of its ilk.

(and it tickles me that Inara is medical branch ;)
BreathesStory, I laughed, but until now I never had the motivation to work out what the colours represented. By "work out", I mean search on Wikipedia. The colours are correct! Hurray!

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I feel like Mal & the crew would be Maquis, not Starfleet, though.
I'm a little uneasy about who's wearing the red shirts.

Yeah, but red is security AND engineering. So...Jayne's security, Kaylee's engineering and River is...both?

Book is an ambassador. Mal, Zoe and Wash are command (Yay Wash!), but I'm not sure how Inara ranks medical, unless they're thinking on a par with Deanna Troi.

I saw this last night on ROFLrazzi & immediately emailed it around to friends. I love it when Geekdoms collide.
I'm not sure how Inara ranks medical, unless they're thinking on a par with Deanna Troi.

I'm thinking more along the lines of sexual healing...
Zoe would soooo not be in that skirt though.
Is it wrong that I wish they'd made up Inara as an Orion Slave Girl?
I'm thinking more along the lines of sexual healing...

...but with Sarah Vaughan instead of Marvin Gaye.
I think Book is wearing the dress uniform actually. And River should be blue for science. Science officers in Star Trek are usually know-it-all types after all (see Spock, J. Dax, former science officer Janeway...).
You're going at this all crab-like, people!

River is Joss's Seven of Nine analogue, so she needs a shiny, metallic catsuit! Think about it...obscenely high IQ? Check. Dangerous as hell if triggered? Check. Victim of an all-powerful force who physically altered her? Oh gorram yeah that's a 'Check'! And secretly vulerable and adrift in an environment she doesn't comprehend all the time? Uh...guess what? Check!


Kinda wish though I wasn't at work and my employers didn't lock out sites like Tumblr, though. Can't see the actual pics...but I can imagine!

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Anyone else recall that when ST:TNG first appeared some male background characters wore the short skirt tunic things to show how progressive society had become?

"A man walks down the street in that, people know he's not afraid of anything"
viewingfigures The dress uniform of TNG were long tunics, about mid-thigh:

When the uniforms eventually changed in 2351, the dress uniforms were changed in color but only slightly in structure. The wraparound tunic style was kept, but the use of department color was reinstated as well as gold edging around the collar (which was now tapered) and the edges of the front placket of the tunic. The bottom of the tunic also was extended to the knees. This was worn with black leggings.

Book is indeed in a dress uniform.

Anyone else wanna see Mal in a dress uniform of TNG era??
@ ShadowQuest - so these foxy little numbers were referred to as dress uniforms?

And, yes, unlike the man in that vid, I would be more than happy to see Mal sporting the look.

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There was a picture I found once at the SerenityMovie forum years ago -- it disappeared from where it was hosted, that I am trying to find again -- I thought it was funny.

It's a photohop with Kirk and Mal. Kirk, I think it was a shot from "Generations", was standing with his back facing us, in a fighting stance, and Mal was in the back a bit to the left standing there saying something like, "Hell no we can't all jsut get along!".


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