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August 06 2010

True Bromance. Spike and Angel are in the Guardian's top 6.

Yep, agreed. Spike and Angel very much had an elder/younger brother vibe going on (apart from "that one time ..." ;). You could argue (as the article almost does) that Holmes/Watson and House/Wilson is sort of redundant but they're both great male/male relationships so fine by me.

Really enjoying the Holmes revamp BTW, particularly the first episode which updated everything while keeping the spirit of the stories (sort of depressing that Watson's Afghanistan veteran backstory can just be directly translated 130+ years later) and very ably danced around some of the more contentious issues (the drugs, the smoking etc.). And suitably for the 21st century, they kind of hung a lantern on the idea of two grown, unattached men spending that much time together while still celebrating their relationship. Gatiss and Moffat are both clearly huge fans and it comes across IMO.

Have to say though, no bromance list can ever be complete without Starsky and Hutch. S'just the way it is.
Good list, just cringe at that word.

Interesting that there's no equivalent gyno-word. I guess women's friendships are somehow *expected* to resemble verbally their interactions with their lovers, at least

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Ah, my favorite shipping - even if it is gen ;)

My list will include (in no particular order past my top three):

• Spike/Angel

• House/Wilson

• Holmes/Watson (RDJ/JL version)

• Chuck/Morgan - Although there is something to be said also for Chuck/Casey and now Casey/Morgan. Is it September yet?!

• Sheldon/Leonard (The Big Bang Theory) serious withdrawals here!

• JD/Turk (Scrubs) they even sang a duet about it!

• Shawn/Gus (Psych) I demand they explore Shawn/Lassiter.

• Dean/Sam (Supernatural) it has the Angel/Spike elder/younger brother feel. But I have high bromance hopes for Dean/Cas if the writers just stick to the plan... Cas needs a hug damn it! And Sam or Godforbid Bobby giving it to him is eleven kinds of wrong.

• Tulio/ Miguel (The Road to El Dorado)

• Jack/Will (Pirates of the Caribbean)

• Chandler/Joey (Friends)

I have more but I think I better stop here before signs of my obsession get out of hand.
I mentioned it on The Guardian site, but similar to JD and Turk, Abed and Troy (from Community) have an amazing bromantic relationship. Their tags have got to be some of the funniest clips ever.
^Yes to JD/Turk and Abed/Troy.
Though I have to say that their "honorouble mention" to Kirk/Spock is a slap in the face to quite possibly one of THE bromances by which to define the term bromance by. And I'm not even a huge Star Trek fan; just gotta give credit where credit's due.

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Mirage Shawn and Gus 4ever! and God, do I love the Shawn/Lassie dynamic.
I was thinking about The Guardian's statement that Holmes and Watson are perhaps the earliest example of the bromance. I was wondering, would the Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan qualify? Or is a foursome too "alternative lifestyle" for a bromance? Because they would definitely be on my list of favorites and their first adventure was published some 40 years before "A Study in Scarlet."

I'm unbelievably excited to learn about the Sherlock reboot! this is the first I've heard of it. I can't wait until it airs in the US. *gleeful cackle* I need a new Holmes fix. The Downey movie was fun, but not enough. And while I'm enjoying my umpteenth rereading of the original Doyle... I want more! Maybe I need a new Sherlock video game to stave off my hunger...
Sherlock is fantastic! Just wait. Except the front door of where he lives says 221B. Surely is should just be 221, and the 'B' is on the door to the flat. Apart from that though, it's perfect.

I know Russel T(>cough<) Davies likes to think he's the British JW, but for me it's Moffat. His one liners are something else. You could just have a bloke sitting in a chair reading out his scripts and it would be perfectly acceptable entertainment. And with some of the (Dahling) Ack-tooooors he's had destroying his stuff it's often been preferable but not here - all the performances are spot on.

I've only just noticed (Ho)lmes/(W)at(son) - (Ho)use/(W)il(son). Duh!

Nobody's mentioned Jeeves/Wooster.
Caesar/Marc Antony.
Holmes and Yoyo.
Ryan & Esposito
Bert and Ernie
Yeah, honorable mention to Kirk/Spock? Seriously?! I've just started Netflixing the original Star Trek series after watching the movie a few months ago and they are definitely bromancing all over the universe.

I'm not even that big of a Scrubs fan either but JD and Turk definitely belong on this list. They have perfected the art of the TV bromance. Their duet "Guy Love" is like the bromance anthem.
That list fails for not mentioning JD/Turk, at all. And John/D'Argo to a lesser extent (and John/Crais and John Scorpy, although they're more Foe-something).
That is one one of my all time favorite Whedon moments!
Harry Lockhart and Perry van Shrike (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).
ZodKneelsFirst | August 06, 21:40 CET

That LOL moment should not go unacknowledged. ;_)

Kirk and Spock definitely deserve more than honorable mention.

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. (Can't recall the characters names).

Going way back, Andy Sipowitz and Bobby Simone, NYPD Blue, would also make the very top of my list.
To be current, how about Damon and Alaric in The Vampire Diaries?
I really love the new Sherlock, it is so brilliant. I'm not a big fan of Moffat's who but I do like...well,everything else he does.
I'm surprsed not to see Merlin and Arthur on this list. they were the first to come to mind when I read the list's title.
How could we forget Bodie and Doyle?!

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Personally I could never forget Bodie and Doyle owing to the shrine at the end of my bed.

Except the front door of where he lives says 221B. Surely is should just be 221, and the 'B' is on the door to the flat. Apart from that though, it's perfect.

Particularly since we find out later that 221C is apparently in the same building. 'House' originally did this right BTW (front door with 221, apartment door with B) but (i've been told) changed it for some reason later on.

It really was very good, highly recommended to all Holmes fans. Pity they only made 3 this time round but more are apparently on the way. After fairly stellar ratings and critical buzz the BBC are keen, it's just a question of when Moffat can make time what with his Who commitments (and at least they're 90 minutes long - 90 BBC minutes too so in the US, with adverts, that presumably means at least 2 hours. Or horrendously cut I suppose).

If I have one tiny quibble it's that in the first episode, 'A Study in Pink', they maybe went a bit OTT with the whole "Look, mobile phones are intimately involved ! Cos he's in the 21st century ! Not, we repeat NOT, the 19th !". Minor issue though, that aside I loved it, even the "air text" device worked really well and even with the changes in episode structure and what was left out the creators showed a respect but not reverence for the source material, even a kind of playful sense of humour with it at points - like the in the revamp)

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