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August 06 2010

Enver Gjokaj and Tom Lenk star in "The Golden Guys". A play based on two episodes of The Golden Girls & Executive Produced by Jane Espenson. Click here to buy tickets.

Goddess this sounds amazing!

Wish I could go :(
Wow, wish I could go see that.
Oh nice. If there are still tickets by the time my next check comes in, I'll be there for sure. Sounds amazing.
Damn me for living the wrong side of the pond.

The casting is perfect. Although I just know my dreams of Bea Arthur are now going to get very confusing.
I so wish I could go, but just can't afford the airfare. I need a teleportation device...

Cheeks tweeted a photo of Tom and Enver on stage during rehersals a few days ago:
Oh my... I wish I could go see this!! Ugh, I hate being poor in the Midwest; I miss everything good!
You know, there was a two part episode where Blanche throws a men-only party. It was written by Tom Whedon. Any chance this is the source material?

ETA that I guess only part two of that episode was written by him. But, still, the question stands.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2010-08-06 18:11 ]
Nevermind. A good theory dashed by Jane on Twitter.
They should take this show on the road! I want to see it.
Can I just say how absolutely perfect it is that Tom is playing the Rose character? I can just see him going off on "another St. Olaf story"!

And...if Enver is the doctor, can I be sick please?

Color me stupid, though - who's Cheeks?
Due to me having no knowledge of the Golden Girls, whenever I see the names Blanche and Rose, I associate them with Summer and Anna on The OC and how they liked to mirror the Golden Girls relationship. Or something.

I still wish I could go to things like this.
electricspacegirl Thanks, but...YouTube and dial-up don't get along so well.

Just curious as to whether the actor's actual name was Cheeks, or if that was a nickname, and where they're based, since the article says "local favorites."
Pretty sure it's a nickname. Here's his twitter account: GoCheeksGo. I just know of him because of his youtube videos. Don't know anything else about him.

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