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August 06 2010

Rock out with Felicia Day on Rock Band 2! The Guild's "(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" hits Rock Band Network. If you've got an Xbox 360, Rock Band 2, and 80 Microsoft spacebucks it's time to dust off the plastic guitars(drums and/or mic)and rhythmically tap along to Felicia's MMO pop smash single. And the new Guild song 'Game On' can now be purchased at iTunes on video and MP3 format.

Only for Xbox 360? Hopefully it will be released for PS3 soon...
Now I -have- to get Rock Band. I swear, if Dr. Horrible's soundtrack is added, I just might buy every copy of the game EVER. NPH is brilliant.
Insta-buy. Also, if you haven't bought Rock Band or Rock Band 2 yet, wait a couple months and get Rock Band 3 instead. Keyboards, Pro Mode, and vocal harmonies will be worth the wait.
Since yesterday I've been rocking to "Game On", which is the Guild's new music video. It's not on Rock Band, but then I don't play Rock Band, so...
I've added Michael's link to the entry.
I love it when my fandoms collide. Who wins? ME.
It's fun! God I hope they add Dr. Horrible. That would be just... yes. Please.
Don't hold out on it coming out on the PS3. Keep in mind who foots the bill for the show's filming.

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