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"Yeah, I never told anyone about this, but I--I liked your poems."
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August 06 2010

Take My Lego, Take My Land: Lego Serenity. Epic Win FTW features a Lego-fied Serenity as part of their Interlocking Brickathon series. And lego models of the crew can be found here.

A lego Serenity, a yarn Serenity - Browncoats are so talented!
*hopes for a lego serenity game*
Those were from the (scroll down for the links to the ship models; those include parts lists and instructions).
On the same Reaosnably Clever site there is The Mama Serenity. O_O I am in awe of his Lego-fu. And check out his workroom!

ETA: And his Lego fumetti comic,"Brick House" is funny too. Nice sense of rhythm and page design.

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I aded quacky's link to the entry.
wow...that is so very shiny. I wish I had legos now.
And I thought I was obsessed. I covet this workroom.
Hey, get your paws off my legos!

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