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December 03 2003

Profiles in History Auctioning Signed 'Buffy' Shooting Script. It's signed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, and Kristine Sutherland.

Looks like someone didn't do their research, as last time I checked, "Inca Mummy Girl" was a second season episode.

Still, the autographs look authentic (particularly Sarah's, as her autographs are usually forged on other items sold on eBay), but I'm still surprised at how high the asking price is ($300.00-$500.00). Then again, the signed "Chosen" scripts sold by Fox Auctions sold for thousands, one of which someone is trying to unload as we speak.

I'm trying to figure out what Tony inscribed before his signature (besides "Always..." and "Best Wishes").

And did Nick doodle a vampire?

It does look like Nick drew a little happy face vampire. And SMG has the handwriting of a 13-year-old girl ~ all that's missing is for her to dot her i's with little hearts. I couldn't make out Tony's inscription, but IMO he has the coolest "movie star" sig. More years of practice, I guess. ;)
It's one thing for a signed 'Chosen' script to sell for a lot of money, I wonder if 'Inca Mummy Girl' could do as well though...:)
hehehehe - Alyson Haig
BTW, I think I figured out what Tony inscribed: "Always be a Watcher!"
What got me was "Signed on the cover (in person!)"... I would think that they would have signed it in person... Unless they have some sort of telekinetic powers hee! :P

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