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August 07 2010

A review of Tom Lenk's Portland show. A pretty accurate summation of Tom's side-splittingly hilarious performance last night. He brought the house down. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. I hope I get the chance to see him perform again.

If you want Tom to come to your town, you can request your city.

I live in Gresham and missed it. :( Had to work that night!
One thing the reviewer forgot to mention was the musical number at the beginning that contained numerous shout-outs to Portland landmarks. Willamette River, the food trucks, Powell's Books, Ace Hotel (which he hilariously renamed Moustache Hotel), Timothy Hutton's dressing was pretty awesome.
I've got tickets for his Toronto show next month!
I was there last night at the show and, with all due respect to the Lenk-Man, I was somewhat disappointed. I felt the first act was better than the second and for $20 dollars it didn't feel as put-together or organized as I maybe had hoped it would. Plus, as a "Buffy/Angel" fan I would have loved to have heard actually something about his experience(s) on either/both shows instead of him just showing as a portrait someone did of him from a promo still from "Buffy."

Still, it had its moments and Tom is needless to say a likable presence. Just not sure it was worth $20 bucks for me, sadly.
Tom pretty much explained what his show was going to be about on facebook and twitter, as well as at the beginning of the show, so I think we all knew what to expect. But in fact he did add a couple Buffy stories because he knew we would want them, which was nice.

I don't know anything about theater and I thought his stories were hysterical. The second half was even better to me. I was literally doubled over in laughter.

You can't blame Tom if you didn't like it because you were expecting something else. It was promoted to be what it was. I was, however, unprepared for how funny it was going to be. I need something to make me laugh like that more often.
I'll just respectfully disagree, electricspacegirl. No worries.

Side Note: You really are going to try to argue that he had two "Buffy" stories? He only had one "story" which was a short little bit about some fan who sent him a portrait of him that he made from a promo still from the show... that's it. No stories or anecdotes about what it was like on set during his time on the show or any particular favorite moments for him in regards to his character.

That, to me, was disappointing.

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We all knew it was going to be about his theater work. Sorry that you wanted something else, but that's not Tom's fault.
I didn't necessarily mind all the theater (or, for that matter, sex stories) stories; I just wish the show would have been a bit more put-together and less haphazard-y in its execution (not to mention wider-ranging in topics).

For $20 dollars, I just didn't feel the show was ultimately worth that amount considering the level of enjoyment I got out of it. Perfectly okay to disagree with me wildly on that as that is the wacky thing about individuals and how we all see the same thing and come out with completely different experiences of it.

The show was alright and Tom Lenk is a very likable and talented comedic actor, but he's not a stand-up comedian (not saying he was trying to be, but that is what I would most compare his style of a show to).

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