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August 08 2010

Christina Hendricks featured in celebrity yearbook then and now feature. Did we know she was Goth back then? She was still adorable!

I wouldn't exactly say she was goth. The girl seated in front of her maybe is having a little rub off effect when you look at her. I think her red hair just looks black and I don't see any other signs that she may be goth.
Easy to pick out.
Wow, its horribly rude to everyone else, but she's absolutely stunning there. ;p
That's not goth.
I was curious as to why the site would label her a Goth, so I did a quick Google check. Turns out Christina has spoken many times about how she was indeed very Goth back in high school.

Also, I discovered she's a natural blonde, but she's dyed her hair since she was 10 years old. :P

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