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August 07 2010

James Marsters probably not on season 4 of Torchwood. So says Russell T Davies at today's Television Critics Association Press Tour.

Makes me sad, but then, I re-read the word "Probably", and think, "well, he probably wasn't going to do a series 4, and look how that turned out..."
Bummer! Hopefully plans for a small appearance or for the next season will made soon.

His character really brought a lot of fun into the Torchwood verse.
This sucks. Even less chance of me watching now.
Of course one respects the creator's choice but this is really too bad. Even if RTD wanted to continue the 'dark' themes with TW4, there is no question that Marsters is capable of playing all the shades required. And as one of the few remaining time agents, John's story would fit nicely with the 'legend' that is TW for this series. May still catch it but no longer a must-see for me.
Why do these websites insist on using the word reboot? It isn't one. Just gives fire to the naysayers, who are (if they are fans of quality) fairly unjustified.
Why do these websites insist on using the word reboot?

Probably because the executive producer of the show used the word.

"We definitely have a really big story to tell," added executive producer Julie Gardner. "It's absolutely rebooted to welcome in a new audience."

Reboot really is the wrong word, considering they are using the same format as CoE.

Semantics aside, it is disappointing that Marsters won't be in the new mini-series, but they could just be saving him up for s5. No point in throwing all your options in at once.
I don't know, it's not a total reboot like new Trek or even to as great an extent as DW, but it is going to be different from the Cardiff set show of before, which despite COE is what I think of when I think Torchwood.

Shame about James, I like John Hart, but he does have a lot of other upcoming stuff to catch him in.
I guess I"m the only one glad to see him not returning. I didn't particularly like his character and found him distracting. I also wasn't a big fan of series 1 and 2, so I'm hoping for a more fun version of Children of Earth. You know, without the severe depression that came after watching the best written episodes of the series.
It's a partial reboot, and I'm fine with that. I like to see shows changing themselves constantly rather than stagnating, and Torchwood seems to be doing that what with Children of Earth and now a new setting for Series 4.

I'm with Avarice on the James Marsters news; probably doesn't mean never ... *fingers crossed*
Thanks Kumarhk, the more I think about it now, and the more I hear the phrase "Like CoE" bandied about, the more my heart jumps in my throat and now... Now I kinda hope he stays away. I was devastated at the write-outs for Tosh and then followed so soon by Ianto, that I don't think I could watch it if they killed of the John Hart character too. He's one of those bad guys I love to hate.
This just makes it easier for me to save my money and not sign up for Starz. For me the best eps were the ones with Capt John.
I don't really want to see Captain John again, so I'm happy. A lot of people seem to be in a fuss that a guest star who appeared in 2.5 episodes 2 years ago isn't coming back. I'd be more upset to hear Officer Andy or Rhys weren't coming back.
This is sad news. I thought Capt John brought a little spark to the show. With Tosh and Owen gone I was hoping Capt John was going to fill their spot...but if the only other characters to go with Gwen and Jack are for instance Rhys,then no thanks (both me and my daughter kept hoping he would get killed off, but he is still there...bummer).
Torchwood doesn't need James Marsters. I'm very much looking forward to "The New World."
I never watched Torchwood when James Marsters was in it so please excuse my ignorance, but couldn't he pay our good Doctor a visit next year?
Only really watched TW episodes for James...
He was wasted in the season 2 finale, real let down that was. I miss Billis but he did get a good innings in one of the Torchwood novels.
Much as I love James Marsters Jaymii, John Hart on Doctor Who proper would be...disastrous to say the least. He's definitely not a character for a family show. ;)
I suspected they'd think that the character of Capt John would be too colourful or this new darker version of the show, but I imagine that the character could have been written more gritty and darker to make a better fit.

I mean characters can change, something most fans of the Buffyverse are more then aware off. *g*

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I think you're overestimating how "grim and gritty" season four will be.
Well COE was very real and dark and in complete contrast to the previous seasons, and thats what they're after, so no I don't think I am overstating it really.

"Torchwood doesn't need James Marsters."

Doesn't need him no, but I feel having a guest appearance wouldn't hinder things neither and may end up enriching the whole thing. :)

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