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August 07 2010

(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight on "Spartacus" prequel. Short but informative, from today's Television Critics Association press tour.

I saw that! The prequel sounds like it's going to be as good as season one was.

There was another spoiler released today, as well:

I can't wait to see where this show goes next. With both the prequel mini-series and Season 2. What a wonderful surprise Season 1 turned out to be.
Excellent news. I haven't been able to watch this series, STARZ isn't currently available in my area, but I've been trying to follow the story on-line. 'Course, I know it's good, Steven DeKnight is writing. Still keeping my ear attune to the season one DVD release so I can actually see what's all the excitement about. Repeat this scenario for this prequel as well.

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21st of September. Can't wait.
kaiuno-Is that the release date for the DVD?
Well, it's the release date of season one, not this prequel.

Thanks kaiuno!

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