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"He's putting the hair away now."
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August 08 2010

Slaying in Heels - the fashion of Buffy Season One. The Syfy UK blogger also covers Season Two.

My favorite Buffy outfit is the leather skirt and silky top from Smashed/Wrecked. Sarah is usually gorgeous, but there's something about that look that adds an extra spark.
Great topic, Simon! Call me old fashion, however Buffy really rocks the cheerleader's outfit. With matching pom-poms no less!
Her skirts were kind of ridiculously short in season one. But I loved the boots! And the vintage sheath dresses. Totally iconic look.
While visiting my apartment my sister glanced at my dvd collection the other day and upon seeing the Buffy dvds exclaimed:

"She looks SO different in every season. Whats up with that?"

Sometimes I forget how cookie cutter most shows are with very little to no character development and change. It struck me how important the changes in costume and hair were to the series and gave me a new appreciation for something I had taken for granted before.
Quite an interesting analysis. I really do love how Buffy's sense of fashion matured with her character, and I still love Buffy's iconic red leather pants from Graduation Day, Part One!
Her skirts were kind of ridiculously short in season one.

Of course! What do you think drew the male audience between the ages of 25-to-45?

Now, lets bring up Buffy's hairstyle. I'm torned between season 4 and 5. Leaning towards season four.
I kinda liked the short hair look for season 2, I actually thought that was maybe her best season, for the time. BUt season 5 hair was great too. Season 7 was a tad flat, but that's what extension will do. And not so sure about the season 6 look either.
Well, season 7 was Mom Hair. What would you expect?
MissKittyMom, thanks, I'm glad you have the word mom in your name to explain all that in a validated way!! It's kinda fitting. Excellent point, I hope my hair looks that good if I ever become a mother!
Gotta say: I like Fashion Roulette more. Whoever's writing Slaying in Heels is a bit too perky for my tastes (ex: "the hot guys didnít hurt either. I loved the outfits!").
I liked Buffy's hair in season 5 the best. My favorite hair/outfit was season 5's Checkpoint. I disagree with the writer, I think Buffy can work the black.

I liked the perky tone of the article. I have no problem with it.

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