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August 08 2010

Joss Whedon Makes a Cameo Appearance in Dante's Internet. A special hell.

Countdown to deletion........
Meh. You would prefer Thread No. 328,412 about Christina Hendricks' looks instead? Because there aren't nearly enough of those. ;-)
Thanks for posting. I know several people who'll enjoy it. A lot.
Oh tumblr, trying to find the original source there is a nightmare. Anyone know where it originated from?
It goes back at least to January of this year, according to Google. So far this is the earliest I've found, but I still can't tell if it's the originator.

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Wait...I'm confused. Where is the Joss connection?

Got it. Special Hell.

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I still don't get it.
It's a reference to a conversation between Mal Reynolds and Shepherd Book in the Firefly episode Our Mrs. Reynolds, where Book tells Mal that child molesters and people who talk aloud at the theatre are destined for a special level of Hell separate from the 9 levels Dante Aligheri discusses in his Divine Comedy.

The joke is the 9th circle of Hell is the nastiest of the bunch and where Satan is, but Book's (or really, Whedon's) "Special Hell" is a worse place than that ;)
"Special Hell" is a reference to a line by Shepard Book to Mal in Our Mrs. Reynolds.
I'm pretty sure it's older than January of this year, but I don't remember when I first saw it.
Is the special hell an upgrade to the regular hell? What's the cost?

Hey, had to ask. Afterall, inquiring minds out there :)
Fun .... I've always loved that "people who talk in movie theaters" is right down there in the deepest part of the pit. ;_)
this is old! I mean, it must be at least a couple of years old, at least. and I think it may have come from 4chan originally
If you try to bribe the demons they could send you to the Brazilian part o hell, where the public funcionaries responsible for the tortures just work half of the time, the freezer is broken and the gas bill money for the oven gets a diverting route.
There is a special hell for people who post things as tenuously connected to Joss as that is...
I dunno, if we're going to allow people to post references in comic strips that reference Joss, I don't see what's wrong with this. Same concept. Liked the joke anyway, so thumbs up! :)

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