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August 09 2010

'Illyria' miniseries #1 cover by series artist Elena Casagrande. IDW editor Chris Ryall has posted the 2nd cover to issue # 1 of the Illyria mini coming this winter.

I think that this will be the cover that I get, much as the other was gorgeous too. Memories of Fred.
Would it be bad if I got two, so I could have both covers?
Ella's art is growing on me, but still much prefer Jenny Frison's covers.
Both are so good in their own ways. How I wish the variant covers of comics came on the back of the issues with regular covers. But, no, I'm going to go have to buy two copies of the same comic. I blame this on capitalism. >:(
I used to buy 2 copies to get the covers-but I have been much mire restrained since around issue 5 :)

You can always frame one of them-to justify the purchase!
I think I might get both covers in this case.
Odd how this cover only has glimpses of Fred and Wes kissing while she and Gunn were lovers for quite a while longer but yet nothing of the latter being shown . . . Oversight maybe?
I think the cover is referencing the memories that were thrown into Illyria's head from Wesley and Spike's at the end of After the Fall. I think that if it were just Fred's memories, her parents, Gunn, and Angel would have been more prominent than Spike was. If they are Wesley and Spike's memories of Fred, the cover makes more sense.

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