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August 09 2010

Juliet Landau as an "Action Hero" Photo Shoot. This YouTube clip shows Juliet Landau as an action hero, and she certainly looks the part. She may have been inspired by role she had years ago on the old USA Network show, Le Femme Nikita.

Wow. She is gorgeous.
She was at the "Thrilling Adventure Hour" on Saturday night - looked great. Adam Busch also made a surprise appearance - opening the show with Common Rotation and then as part of a skit.
She is so beautiful...
Cool. If you saw her London photo shoot, I could've sworn she would be Eva Green's younger sister.
Cool. Which season was she in Nikita?
Wowza, Barbara Bain certainly never looked like that in Mission Impossible.

@Xane - Season 3, Episode 15 - "Before I Sleep."
Thanks viewingfigures.
Kinda off topic, but who was that singing "I Put a Spell on You?" It sounded like Al Green.
viewingfigures: I've always thought she kinda-sorta resembles her father more.
DaddyCatALSO - I do agree lookwise, although sometimes she will make an expression, and I see only her mother's face.

But I was referring more to the outfit. Can't quite imagine her Dad dressed that way.

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