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"Jumping Judas on a unicycle. What happened?"
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August 09 2010

The Evil League Of Evil Villains' Ball. You donít have to be an evil mastermind, supervillain, mad scientist, or evil genius bent on taking over the world to attend the Evil League of Evil Ball, but it certainly helps!

The event is held by the Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Guests are invited to attend as their favorite Evil character Ė historical, fictional, or original.

sounds well evil
Why are so many awesome things in California? Which is pretty much as far away from my part of the country as it is possible to be. *sigh*
I would love love love to go to this but I can't as I will be in university in Toronto. Sad face.
What year is that website "design" from, exactly. Heh.

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Not sure going as an historical evil would be a good idea. I don't think people would be happy if someone showed up dressed as Hitler, but you could probably get away with Nixon.

And there are so many great fictional evils to chose from!
If I were able to attend, I'd of course go as the Morgul Lord, WitchKing of Angmar. Although I'd have to remake my armor, as I threw all my old armor out. (Made from craft foam, which I foolishly sprayed w/hammered metal spray paint. Fine at first, then it got stiff & cracked.)

The day Return of the King came out, I stood out in front of the bookstore in the mall I was working in, in full costume, holding hardcover editions of The Hobbit & RotK for two hours. I held perfectly still, only moving my head to watch people walk by. Because of the "invisible" hood I was wearing, no one could see my face. Man, did a lot of people jump, though! It was a blast!

Two best experiences - a little boy came into the store w/his mother, and stopped dead when he saw me. She told him it was all right, "It's just a man dressed up." (I didn't bother correct her on gender.) I held my hand out and he shook it after a few moment's hesitation, and his face just lit up. A while later I glanced down, and he was standing next to me. Bet he had some great stories to tell his classmates! "I shook hands with a Ringwraith!" (At the time I only had gauntlets, sabatons & greaves.)

And the other was a couple who walked past me to look at the best-seller rack behind me. She reached out to grab the edge of my hood (Perhaps to see what the "statue" was made from.) and I cleared my throat. She yelped and jumped, and her husband cracked up.
InappropriateStarches, feel free to come to our final Toronto CSTS event on Sept. 18 when we will be showing Dr. Horrible, the Guild, etc.
Details here.

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