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"That's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry."
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August 09 2010

Joe Blann summarizes Firefly in comic form. In 27 short panels, Blann lays the template for every Firefly episode ever.

I object and will speak out of turn to you. Haha.. Classic stuff. I especially love the "Crazy crazy crazy~"

I'm sorry, "I repent." That sold it.
"Gorram it Alan Tudyk! This is no time for you to assert yourself as the kooky one!" -Almost spit water across the room.
No need to call him Wash, Alan Tudyk is -much- more awesome! Also, it would've been wacky if a reference to Dollhouse's Alpha snuck in there.. That crazy guy..
"I have an ironic and frivolous opinion of this job." Oh, so very true.
Oh my god this is hilarious. River's arms at crazy crazy crazy! And "I repent". Heeheeheehee.
"I am excited by the possibility of violence." - Face completely blank, with no emotion. Completely Jayne! OH MY GOD, RIVER'S GOT A KNIFE!
It gives short shrift to the women of Firefly. Zoe and River get one panel each. Where are Kaylee and Inara?

Joss Whedon does better by his women characters than this represents.
Kaylee's in the background of one of the shots, with a "romantic face" of sorts.. Just re-checked for Inara, nothing. Maybe she was working? ;p To be fair, the show did mainly focus on Mal, Zoe, Wash and Jayne. Shepard Book doesn't get many panels either.. They were brief insights in this comic to limit the panels, I guess..

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Kaylee got the "inappropriately timed romantic gesture" to Simon (it's just very hard to read). As most Firefly episodes go though, this was cute and pretty on the nose, though it reminds me a bit of a britanick youtube vid which, as it turns out, is actually removed from youtube.

Now it's a pretty obvious concept taken to the extremes so I don't think this comic is ripping this joke off, I just liked it better done in terms of Oscar bait movies.
Nice. I'd add the Zoe/Mal and Mal/Inara interactions that seem to be in every episode.

"What's the plan, sir?"
"I'll explain the obvious stuff out loud to everyone and tell you the important parts with my eyes."
"I could do better, but I leave the bad planning and heroics to the captain. Following orders and mocking you when you're wrong are the first mate's responsibility."
"The heroics are part of my charm. Getting shot helps."

"Comment in which I happen to mention you're a whore."
"Dignified catty response. I dislike you, there's nothing to like."
"No one has noticed our Leia/Solo thing. Did I mention you're a whore?"
"There's nothing to notice."
Crazy, crazy, crazy! :D

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