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August 09 2010

Nathan Fillion 'Agrees' to Serenity 2 with Bob Stencil. A surprise Bob $tencil interview from Comic Con with a certain individual known for wearing very tight pants.

And yes, he was in on it.

Browncoat Boogaloo~! That reference hasn't been used -nearly- enough.. xD

Rather well timed that he mentioned the Halloween episode of Castle, because that's the one that aired here in Australia on Sunday night!

[ edited by MattAn24 on 2010-08-09 21:10 ]
The Still Flying book Nathan signed was loaned to them from the California Browncoats booth. We got it back signed as you see in the video. I think you can expect to see it as a prize or in an auction for charity in the future. :)
Oh, right. Bloody priceless...
What a tease.
That was hilarious. I was cringing for Nathan until I realised he was in on the joke.
Oh my word. That was the best thing I've seen all night!

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