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August 09 2010

Win a set of Firefly books. Titan Books are giving away The Official Companion Volumes 1 and 2 and Still Flying. And their blog has an excerpt of an interview with Christina Hendricks talking about Saffron.


I entered!
Cool. I entered.

I also gave myself an honorary doctorate because there was no "Ms." option. Which is kinda odd - I haven't seen that in a long while...

But: neat.

So remember - from now on, I'm Dr. QuoterGal.
Yes sir, Dr. QuoterGal, ma'am!
Wow, a competition open to both the USA and the UK - sterling.

"Dr. QuoterGal will see you now" does have a ring to it.
*grumble grumble*

I can't enter.
I also entered, though I already own copies (Volume 1 being cherished for I had it at B3 in Burbank 2006 and received a number of cast and crew signatures).
If I win, I'll donate this new set to a local CSTS auction.

Loved the blog article on Christina Hendricks' thoughts on Saffron, a truly great character as a villian we love, hate, desire, detest, pity--and cannot get enough of.

And I really am a Dr. >smile<
Entered.... If I win, I'll put them up for Sale or Silent Auction at the Browncoats Backwoods Bash (Charity Picnic) this coming Sept 18th.
Entered! ...I actually don't own any of these yet somehow!
Wow, a competition open to both the USA and the UK - sterling.
Can I disagree ? :(

Eire, if IRC, from the '90 World Cup is Ireland, however, I donn't have a clue about those Channel Islands.
@Brasilian Chaos Man - Um, I'm originally from Co Mayo, in Eire. I wasn't intending to be exclusive, but as I currently reside in the UK, was merely stating MY happy. Naturally I'm happy for everyone that can enter. :-)

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