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August 10 2010

Felicia Day in Fallout game. She has lent her voice to Obsidian's sci-fi RPG Fallout: New Vegas.

That's some cast they've got there!
That is a great cast! Looking forward to playing it even more now!
This makes me so happy. I was already excited about this game, but now I can't wait.
I'm playing Fallout 3 again (with all the extras) so that should tide me over till New Vegas comes out.
I absolutely loved FALLOUT 3. Simply the best game that I've played on the PS3. I've been counting the days until NEW VEGAS comes out, and hearing that both Felicia Day and Zachary Levi will be lending their voices fills me with joy!
Considering New Vegas goes back to the general setting of the original two and has a lot of the original developers involved, color me intrigued.

That said, I hope that with the casting and with the writing they can get the feel of Fallout back. What can I say, Fallout 3 was impressive but a positive bore compared to the orginal two.

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Yikes, great cast.

Still not gotten around to playing Fallout 3, but heard mixed opinions on it. I was waiting for the pack that contained the DLCs with the game and just never got round to getting it. Actually, I've still not played Fallout 2 even (which I got along with the original at the excellent I've got some catching up to do.

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