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August 10 2010

The Avengers begins filming in February. Backstage confirms the rumored Feb. 2011 filming start of Joss Whedon's Avengers. Showbiz411 says it will be in 3D.

Setting a date for filming to start is good, good for people like me who were worried that Joss might not be allowed to get past the script writing stage (I know, I'm wicked paranoid). Getting all these big name actors scheduled must be difficult!

So I should try to be in LA in February! lol

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The original source is Backstage so I changed the link to that. There's also some news about 3D so I added that palaver to the entry,.
I'm glad it sounds like that Joss will actually shoot it in 3D and not convert it.Thor and Captain America are converted 3D.
If anybody is going to turn 3D from gimmick into a emotionally-moving-yet-intellectually-stimulating form of cinematic art, it is Joss. And I hereby drop the "if." As long as he plans and shoots it in 3D, I will definitely see the 3D. And for those who prefer 2D, he did mention that the shots (framing? mise-en-scene? set-up? whatever the word/phrase is for "the stuff you put on camera") are the same for 3D and 2D, so the film will work both ways.

Picturing 3D CGI Hulk in same space as 3D Iron Man and Thor and . . .
I'm hoping Joss does a homage to the sixties TV series "The Avengers" with Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow) and Clark Gregg (as Agent Coulson) back to back like Emma Peel and John Steed but in 3D.

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I'm pleased that he said the shots will be the same for 2-D, since that leads me to believe we won't have to put up with those "Look out! Thor is throwing his hammer RIGHT AT US!" moments.
And the day that the official announcement was made re: Joss & the actors the fast-food chain I work for started "Marvel Heroes" in their children's meals. You can get the Silver Surfer, The Thing, Captain America, Wolverine, Spidey, Iron Man, Hulk and the Human Torch.

Kind of want to see Bruce Banner hulk out three dimensionally.
Just go big, Joss. I have no idea what the budget is on this thing, but I'm sure it's enough that you can go every bit as big as you went in the X-Men book. Joss, see your feature, be your feature. May, make, make it, make it. Make your feature Joss.
Why did you not specify the chain Shadow! I have a friend's niece who'd at least enjoy the food.

And actually I'm pretty sure even 2D movies have done the gimmicky thing of things coming out towards the screen. I don't really have issues with it either way though, it's not like it's going to be unavailable by any other means. (Plus at the very least down the line, regardless how the film does at box office, I assume it will be one of the first big 3D friendly blu-rays when that tech gets more common.)
It's mad how 3D keeps popping up over the years. I wish someone would get hold of a print of "Kiss Me Kate"(1953) and release that.

I am excited though to see just what Joss can achieve on a mighty budget. When I think of how cinematic "Serenity" was and how, relatively, cheaply that was made I am expecting monumental things. And as Pointy, uh, points out, if anyone can utilise the gimmick of 3D and make it serve the film it has to be our man and master.
I'm with Pointy on this, if anyone can make 3D seem value adding to me it'll be Joss.
I'm hoping Joss does a homage to the sixties TV series "The Avengers" with Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow) and Clark Gregg (as Agent Coulson) back to back like Emma Peel and John Steed but in 3D.

The 2D version could turn out something like this.
Very happy to see this. Not thrilled about the 3D thing, even though they're shooting and processing it as such. Hopefully Joss will take the "Avatar" approach and make it immersive as opposed to gimmicky.
I'm thinking spatial metaphors. What gets these people in the same room. What keeps them apart. What turns balletic violence into balletic troupe violence.
What gets these people in the same room.

Some kind of signal isn't it ?

(kiddin' ;). Still, i'm not sure the 3D effect is pronounced enough to allow the formation of metaphors Pointy. Don't even really know how you'd go about it in fact - which makes it bloody handy i'm not an Oscar nominated writer/director ;)

Have to say, i'm slightly worried by the idea of the shots being exactly the same for a 3D film because i've read that certain types of camera motion don't work well in 3D (and the converted films i've seen bear this out) but i'm happy to assume Joss knows what he's doing. And if he makes it in 3D then that's how i'll be watching it - the guy's adding an entire frikkin' dimension FFS, the least I can do in return is wear funny glasses for a couple of hours.
Funny glasses? There are funny glasses involved? Then fer-git it!

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