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August 10 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 2 released by Simon & Schuster today. This collects the previously published Halloween Rain by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder, Bad Bargain by Diana G. Gallagher and Afterimage by Pierce Askegren.

Hard to beleive 2 writers as good as Kit and Nancy set a Season 1 story at Halloween; oh well, in my mind I call it Good Friday Rain since it's one of the few really *good* ones among the early novelizations and so I want to "keep it."
HR was actually the first original Buffy novel (the previous releases had been adaptations of the original film and "Welcome to the Hellmouth"/"The Harvest"), and was written even before the start of the second season. Not having all that much backstory yet to work with, Chris and Nancy were actually given some lattitude insofar as filling some small plot holes go.

They never explained on the show, for instance, how and why Willow's hair went from darker red to the more vibrant shade we quickly associated with her; but in this story, we learn it was because she and Xander dressed as Scully and Mulder for a costume party at the Bronze, Willow liked the compliments she got on her new hair color, and she decided to keep it. Is it canon? Nope, but it still works perfectly fine for me...and gives a nice nod a TV series that Joss really enjoyed and was inspired by. :)
Shiai: Good point (altho, to be honest, I never considered that a woman's change of hair color ever needed to be explained *grin,) I was just curious; maybe it was written so early on the writers didn't know the whole show took place during spring semester.
"Halloween Rain" is one of the few Buffy books translated to Portuguese, but, unfortunately, it was'nt released in Brazil.

we learn it was because she and Xander dressed as Scully and Mulder for a costume party at the Bronze

Oh, Iwould love to see this being played by the actors :)
After seeing the artsy, SMG-less cover of the last one (which I, of course, purchased :)) it's easy to see S&S is just doing this to make a quick buck of the Twilight fad, but hey if it prompts them to commission more original BTVS novels that is fine with me!
DCA: While the first season was aired in the springtime, I don't recall that having corresponded with the span of time it was set in. In other words, I think "Welcome to the Hellmouth" is set in September of 1996, and "Prophecy Girl" is in the following May...their full sophomore school year. HR is thus set in that first Halloween which Buffy spent in Sunnydale.

Losthero47: You're absolutely right, it is a marketing ploy to attract tween and YA readers who are enamored with Twilight and other such novels, but you were too young to read the Buffy books when they first came out. And I say, savvy move Simon & Schuster. ;)
In the first collection, Coyote Moon and Night of the Living Rerun are copyrighted 1988.
Simon, I'm going to guess that's a typo. ;)

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