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August 11 2010

Neil Patrick Harris gets last-minute Emmy nomination. His missing name was added to the list of people collectively nominated for CBS's 2009 Tony Awards broadcast (which he hosted), bringing his nomination total to three.

Is that a record? One person getting 3 noms in a year?
These Emmy guys seams to have a very bad memory.
Cough* OMWF * Cough * Hush * Cough
Congrats to NPH for three nominations.

This Emmy post reminded me of Dr Horrible winning the 'Outstanding Special Class - Short-format Live-action Entertainment Programs' Emmy last year.

This made me wonder who was nominated this year... and lo and behold, as far as I can make out, the category doesn't exist anymore! It existed in 2008 and 2009 and that's it (so it wasn't entirely made for Dr. H, but you could argue it was made for BSG and Dr. H.) - see here
Thanks b!X the new category name is certainly less of a mouthful!
Neil was awesome on the Tony's so I'm very happy he is nominated for that... And with three nominations I sure hope he gets at least one win!

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