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August 12 2010

Jed Whedon's album now available on iTunes. "History of Forgotten Things", by Jed Whedon and the Willing, has 12 tracks, plus a bonus digital booklet.

Finally! Also up on iTunes UK for 7.99. Presumably Amazon to follow?
Buying now! Yay!
I don't have an Itunes account, so I hope Amazon International follows
So many standout tracks! Wait--if all the tracks stand out, do any of them stand out?

I love the digital booklet design. And violin and vocals from Felicia!
Jed just tweeted Amazon and others are to follow soon. Going to buy an iTunes card to get this tomorrow, but the previews sound very promising indeed!

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Hopefuly Amazon isn't too far behind! I really want to hear this.
I really like it. The audio production is top quality, and it's the kind of music I respond to (i.e. songs where you can hear what somebody is singing about, instead of listening to a guitar getting thrashed with the vaguely forgotten mumble of a human in the background). Lyrically the songs also suggest Jed is a flawed person, which is cool: I'm a flawed person groupie. Number 76666.76359squared.

And a huge fucking nerd.
Gossi - Hee hee. :-)

One listen through -- wait, there're vocals from Felicia? Why come no one told me this before? Okay, must pay more attention next time through.

In any case, thoroughly enjoyed the first listen. Great sense of melody. Very nice.
Like a minute into "Interstate." My ears have never been happier. Toe tally worth the wait!
Love it. It reminds me of Elliott Smith.
Finally giving this a listen, and I love it! Very melodic and beautiful.
I bought the album due to my love for all things Whedon.
That said, I did not expect this album to be phenomenal. Good, but not phenomenal.
I was wrong.
It's phenomenal.
It's a great album. Very great. Get to work on that second one. :D

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