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August 13 2010

Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'The Expendables' opens today! She plays Jason Statham's love interest in the film.

I'll be seeing this tomorrow. So excited to finally see Charisma on the big screen!
Me too. I'm looking forward to it!
She's sadly onscreen for about three minutes, but it was cool while it lasted.

Fun movie regardless.
There's a female in this film?
Actually, Hjermsted? There's TWO women in this film! You got your Charisma (Carpenter) and you got your Giselle (Itie), who is a local freddom fighter and Stallone's love interest in the film ;D
wish I could make myself see this for Charisma, but it looks totally and completely crack
I wouldn't call Giselle Itie's character "Stallone's love interest". It's more of a mutual respect thing. Which was definitely a good direction/plot decision, as the women don't have much more to do than be victims of domestic abuse (Carpenter's character), imprisonment, torture, attempted rape, so at least there was a little more to Itie's character/she felt more worthwhile for her humanitarian efforts. I'm not coming down on the film, it's almost strictly boys' club material and I was cool with that (they subverted it a little at times--see the oral sex comment in the Arnie and Stallone scene, all the times the dudes talked about their feelings, etc). Just kinda predicting ahead of time the kind of stuff that's gonna set a lot of folks off here.

It was fun. There were several decent laughs, more than I expected. Unsurprising was the amount of quality action, it delivered as expected (my one issues--and this is widespread across Hollywood action flicks and even some TV fight scenes, unfortunately--is that in a few cases, the cuts were so rapid and the movement was so quick that it was difficult to keep up with what was going on within the fights. I hate that. If the action is faster than my eyes can keep up with, then you're just wasting my time with blurry mush. I suppose their thinking is that insanely rapid cuts = guaranteed excitment ! At least it wasn't prevalent throughout all the scenes, only in a few places).

I would've rather seen Scott Pilgrim though. Like testosterone-soaked action flicks well enough, but would rather go for nerdy, zany, and potentiall hilarious stuff.
I do love Scott Pilgrim and have seen it twice, but I think the action scenes in that movie are a bit too frenetically edited. I loved that for the rest of the movie, but for proper fight scenes I sort of like the Ang Lee lingering approach where the action is complex enough the camera and just sit back and process it. On the other hand, they did have a couple of the female characters get some much flashier fight scenes then I remembered in the book so that was rather cool. (Especially one scene which I sort of took to be a homage/inversion of a Jet Li bit?)

As for, erm, the actual topic, I was rather curious what Charisma's character was like and I got somewhat disappointed there isn't even a token woman in the posters and thus implicitly, the action sequences.

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