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December 04 2003

Photos of Michelle Trachtenberg at Last Night's ''The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King' Los Angeles Premiere.' There are additional photos as well.

She's certainly been doing a lot of public appearances lately, no?

Yes, our little Dawnie has turned out to be quite the fame whore.
I think so :)
others pics here
It does seem like she really loves to be in the spot light and is very aware of where the camera is too!! I hope fame isn't going to her head!!
The whole point of premieres, from a celebrity standpoint, is to be seen by the press, not to go to the actual movie. Movie and television actors are supposed to go and pose for the cameras at such events. I wouldn't exactly read a lot into it.
That is true, although turning down a chance to watch "The Return of the King" before it's been released to the general public seems rather crazy, but that's just me.
She has a movie coming out sometime next year and doesn't have the TV show anymore. So she's both looking for work and ways to keep in the public eye (both of which mean being seen). If she starts attending every movie premiere, then that might cause for worry.
Why would attenting every movie premiere be cause for worry? If she WASN'T being invited to them, THAT would be cause for worry, but she is and she's going and she's being seen. Very few big names can afford to be reclusive, but Trachtenberg's not in that elite group just yet.

She's well on her way though. It's not one, but two movies coming out next year. Mysterious Skin and Euro Trip. She's got an impressive resume, she's presently available for work, she's a hot commodity right now.. The lady's livin' the dream. Going to public appearances is par for the course. Don't be hatin'.

She's in a very precarious position right now, following in the footsteps of talent as diverse as Judy Garland and Drew Barrymore. When you've been a child star and you've grown up, there are so many influential people out there who just want to write you off. The more a person in Trachtenberg's position can be in the spotlight the better. She's gotta erase from their memories the image of her as Inspector Gadget's niece or Harriet The Spy, without actually erasing herself completely from their shortlists for projects.

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Who be "hatin"? People are just expressing their opinions. I just commented on how the picture made me feel, especially the first one where she seems to be totally mugging up to the camera. I want to see all the former Buffy stars succeed. In a world with Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and Madonna over exposed all over the place and their fame totally going to their heads, I'd hate to see that happen with Michelle Trachtenberg. I just feel she's better than that. And this is after all those shots of her from that movie she's in where she's lifting her shirt. Yes, promote yourself and be seen, but keep a cool head too and be classy.

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