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August 13 2010

First trailer for Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan's Terriers. Former Angel writers Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan are teaming together for Terriers, a new detective show that will premiere September 8th on FX. More promos can be found here.

Umm...since when is Olivia Williams in this show!?! My excitement is boiling! GUSH! Does anyone know if she is a regular?
I enjoyed the first episode. Eager for more. I'm hearing real good things.
Also, am I wrong in believing that it's Keith Szarabajka AKA Holtz at the end of the trailer, with the, "For a second I thought you were undercover, but now I realize you just dress like that," line?

And Ms. Williams appears, if I'm not mistaken, to be donning an american accent for this role. Oh, this show does look pretty good. I'll be there on day one for sure.
Olivia Williams! Her presence demands that this show be watched.
A Tim Minear show that might not be canceled! Such a concept is new and foreign.
Does anyone know how much Olivia Williams will be in this? I checked the IMDB page for the show, and she's not listed at all. It would be cool if she was a regular.
It does certainly sound like Holtz. The other Whedonverse connection (I've mentioned this before) is that Kelly Wheeler co-wrote one of the scripts.

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Olivia Williams is just in one ep, I believe. I think y'all will enjoy based on the first ep.

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This is getting a lot of good buzz from the critics, can't wait to see it.
Whoa, I didn't know that funny, hot little dude who plays Rene on True Blood was the second lead in this. That, plus Donal Logue, plus Olivia Williams (however brief), plus Shawn Ryan on FX (good match so far) and Tim Minear means I'll be watching. It looks like the rare kind of light & fun that appeals to me.

What's with the bizarre trailers ? The dog walking by the shark, the dog digging up a rifle. Is the obligatory terrier canine in there just for extra meaning in the show's title ?

Wonder which station in Canada will pick it up ? I wish The Movie Network would start picking up FX's stuff, so far they only go for Showtime and HBO (and with Spartacus, they seem to have struck up a deal with Starz as well). It's handy and affordable to have all the U.S. premium cable on one channel. It sucks when FX's shows end up on regular networks like Global, CTV, and City, because they jerk them around the schedules, often air them long after the U.S. showings, and insert way more commercials than I believe the original airings had.
FX has the same number of commercials as a broadcast network series (except occasionally for pilots or season premieres and such), so probably won't change the number of commercials.
Olivia moved back to London, so I suspect just the one ep.

Looking forward to this.

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Olivia! I'll be watching the first ep and maybe the second and third. And then I'll decide if I like it or not.

But Olivia Williams in the first episode? Winner.
Was that Six (from BSG) in there for like 0.5 seconds? I'm totally watching this and I'm quite curious how its going to play it since it shouts USA to me more than FX.

Also, Shawn Ryan's other new series, Ride-Along, (on FOX) looks just as stellar.
A detective show written by good writers & full of good actors. I'm in.
Jaymii, it's definitely a bit darker and grittier than a USA show. Totally FX. And Ride-Along is brilliant!
Kris, as someone who doesn't get all those specialty channels, I'm hoping it comes to regular Canadian TV so I can see it. Where are they filming it, anyone know? I recognized the San Diego train station in one quick shot.
They're filming on location at Ocean Beach in San Diego, Lioness. Between the concept and the SD location there's some shades of Veronica Mars going on.
Someone tweeted to say that the trailer was being shown before The Expendables.

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