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August 13 2010

Happy Birthday, Robin Balzer! Lift a glass to the only hero of the Buffyverse who exists in our very own 'verse!

Here's the story on Joss's original announcement that Robin would appear in the Buffy S8 comic book thanks to a letter by her husband Jerrod Balzer. And this is the Comic Book Resources explanation of how Robin came to be a Minder.

"You don't volunteer to be a minder, Buffy. You get chosen."

That was a great issue and made all the better knowing the back story. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.
Hope she does have a wonderful birthday as well. And what's more... I hope the character returns. Robin, the Minder, was happy that she had some time off coming before she'd be reassigned. Well, lemme think here -- anything in season 8 recently remind anyone of "unstable reality fields"?

Obviously Season 8 has already been written, but however it wraps up, I don't think it would be hard to justify such a person, whose job is containing unstable reality fields, showing up to fistbump the regulars -- I am heartily in favor of any such effort.
Thanks, everyone! She's doing well and enjoying her birthday. The comic is still doing it's magic, having helped her out of an episode just the other night. She's really looking forward to the motion comic because she gets confused so easily when I try to read the other issues to her (I don't pull off the voices so well, lol), plus it will be extra fun watching issue 10 on the TV. We'll be snatching up the Blu-ray of that when it comes out.
I had no idea of this backstory. It is a heartening tale and a lovely tribute.

Best Birthday wishes to Robin.
I still love this story.
Happy birthday, Robin!
Happy Birthday, Robin - thanks for coming to our 'Verse. ; >

Click here for your card. Hope your day is lovely. (And hey! to Jerrod.)
I loved this story. Happy Birthday, Robin! I hope you have a great day and a continued good year.
I had never heard this story before, that is so cool. Happy Birthday, Robin!
Embarassed I didn't remember.

Happy B'day, Robin.

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