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August 14 2010

Avengers news from Movie-Con III. At the BFI event held in London, Thor director Kenneth Branagh reveals that he has spoken to Joss, the Avengers logo teaser trailer got played and there was even a specially recorded message from Joss.

Damn it, I've been living in London for a year, and I didn't realize there was a Movie Con III this weekend until a couple of days ago!! :(
I didn't realise there was a Movie Con I or II and I've been living relatively near London all my life.
It's not exactly the best publicised event. Shame really, cause it sounded very interesting.
I only heard about it the other week, when one of the organisers was on the Mark Kermode film review show on Radio 5. Sounds as if it is quite small and hard to get tickets for (if I recall correctly, they said it sold out within an hour of the tickets going on sale.)

Sounds like something that would be quite good fun to go to.
Well, whatever the case of low publicity, we would still love to hear about it.

Did anyone attend?
My only question: Where is the message from Joss? Shouldn't it have made it to the web by now? C'mon slackers. ;-)
I was lucky enough to attend. The Joss Whedon video was very short and there's not much to add to the summary on the website, save that he apologised for not being there, saying that he would have bound up the cast with duct tape to bring them over but that apparently that was illegal.

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