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August 14 2010

Two Bundles of Joy in the Doctor's Future. Neil and David are expecting twins!

Those will be some lucky babies! Can't imagine better people (that I don't know) for parents.
Are we sure this isn't some prank? I mean "respect our privacy press but I'm gonna blab it on the internet?" I don't get it. Plus, ellipses.
Prank or not, Jonnathan, as the great Barney Stinson would say, "Awesome! I hope they're ready to suit up!" \o/
By that I assume he means via adoption 'cause you know... well... actually...
Brinderwalt, I read a news article earlier today that said they were expecting via a surrogate.

ETA: Found the article -
Big congrats to them!

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So I guess those rumors about the surrogacy agency a while back were true after all. Doesn't David have children from a previous relationship too?
I've come across a couple of the news articles and Neil was just making it official through his Twitter, I think. Also, I don't recommend going on said news articles - some of the comments are rather horrible. :/
Congratulations to Neil and David! (And my condolences on the loss of that beautiful thing known as sleep).

Jonnathan, I would think that the press would find out soon anyway to announcing on the internet isn't too odd. Respecting their privacy in my opinion doesn't mean they don't expect it to be talked about but that cameras don't get shoved in the kids' faces every time they leave their house.
Yeah, the press has been all over this for a while. Hopefully by getting it out in the open they'll now back off.

Anyway, who gives a shit about that right now: congrats to both.

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Awwww, that's awesome. Neil Patrick Harris is gonna be the best celebrity dad ever.
That's fantastic! Their kids will be Legen-wait for it-DARY!
They are going to be amazing parents, congrats to both!
As a father of twins myself, good on them!
That's awesome. Congrats to them :) !
gratz to both, and thanks binder for the video, there wasnt enough wierd in my day yet, and now ther is
Sweet! That's wonderful news.
Oops! Darn Blackberry.

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Ditto again.

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After I saw NPH on Sesame Street I thought he would be a great Dad.
They get a great dad, and who wouldn't want him to sing them to sleep?
Double the trouble, double the fun. :-)
I'd like to know how ActualSize feels about this news ;)

Nah, but really, this is super cool. Congrats to both of 'em!
That's so great! They'll be great parents, I'm sure. And twins! =)
Aww, congratulations guys !

In every interview i've seen/read of NPH he comes across as an incredibly grounded, sensible bloke (not to mention witty and, to be base for a minute, financially secure) so I reckon he'll make a great dad.

(i've no reason to assume any different of his partner BTW, I just don't know very much about him)
Neil seems like a great guy so I'm sure he'll be a great dad too.
Best wishes and good luck, guys.
Congratulations and best wishes, guys!
Congrats to both of them, can't think of a better couple in hollywood to become parents. That is one lucky set of kids, I know many people (Myself included) who would love to have parents like Neil and David
Congratulations Neil and David!

Two more little ones for the Whedonverse. Yay!
Good news, Congratulations!
Best of it, lads!
E!Online have another article that says they're expecting both a boy and a girl. There's also a cute photo of the couple at Disneyland. :)

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