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August 14 2010

Jed Whedon Interview, by Joss "no relation" Whedon. IN WHICH Jed talks about his new album, and Joss asks the kind of probing, thoughtful questions that are the benchmark of his minutes-spanning career as an ace reporter.

This week, my brother Jed came out with an album, "History of Forgotten Things". I happen to love it very much. I am not unbiased; I'm his brother and it is my mission to tear him down. But I love the damn thing, and so I asked if I could interview him about it, get the word out to people who haven't heard it, and give some insight to the people who have. Come with me now on a magical journey I call:

"HISTORY" LESSON: An Interview with Jed Whedon

Jed Whedon walks into the lobby of the Chateau Marmont wearing Aviators and a purple scarf hung loosely about his shoulders. He drops into his chair with the weary air of someone who's coming off an exhausting press tour, or a really great party, or both. Orders a Bloody Mary before he apologizes for being late, and is on his second before I even get my tape recorder out. The Aviators don't come off.

Now THAT'S how the preamble to an interview starts! Cracking good cheese, Gromit! But Jed doesn't own a purple scarf, or Aviators, and we did this interview on the internet. I wrote the questions, he answered. The Bloody Marys probably happened, though.

Joss: When you write songs, which comes first, the words or the music?

Jed: The music. Rarely I'll start with a little phase or a single lyric, but most of the time I start building a song instrumentally and mumbling nonsense lyrics while I come up with the melody. Next I record myself singing the gibberish (to get the melody down) and try to figure out what it sounds like I'm saying. And then, hopefully, at some point, but not always, I discover what the song should be about.

Joss: I'm sorry, the correct answer was "Generally, the contract." My God, man, you STARRED in Merrily We Roll Along! Turn in your theater geek card right now. You have shamed your people.

Okay! Describe the album. For the uninitiated. What category would you put the music in, if any?

Jed: This is always a hard question, and by hard I mean bad. Alternative is the easy answer because that is a category that says "this music is different from the stuff you can categorize. Except for alternative stuff. It's exactly like that." The album is listed as rock (because I didn't see alternative among the options in the drop down menu) but if I was forced into a corner and my knife was taken away and the only way out was to answer accurately, I would say alternative/singer-songwriter/ambient/rock. But it's really just something I made. I don't know what it is. I know it isn't a comedy.

Joss: When you were three you worshipped me as a god - now you are taller and can do more things. Why haven't I killed you?

Jed: I think you are keeping me around to aid in your evil plan to take over the world. But I will never turn my back to you, my brother. Never. Unless it's a conga line, cause those are simply the QUINTESSENCE of fun.

Joss: In Last Man you have our brother Sam throw a sweet little jazz riff at the end of an 80's sounding dance groove. Do you juxtapose styles deliberately as a statement, or is it just an organic whole for you?

Jed: It is not deliberate. I just make s***, man. Just feel it. You know? Feel the flow and go with it, bro. Just kidding. But it's sorta true in terms of finding the movement and style of a song. In Last Man, I had what I thought were two great verses and two great choruses, and I thought "where should I go from here?" and then I thought "somewhere else."

A funny story about the end bit: when I was telling Maurissa about that idea (which is something she has to put up with constantly) I excitedly said, "And then at the end of the second chorus it'll go... jazzzz." And she thought I meant I would actually say that as a lyric. She nodded her head with a look of bewilderment, "That's great, dear." I think that might have been the first time she called me "dear."

Joss: Troublemaker is hauntingly beautiful - and very personal. Is that something you're comfortable discussing, or do you just leave it in the lyrics? How personal are you comfortable getting in a song?

Jed: A lot of this record is very personal, and I guess I like that. Troublemaker was recorded years ago. It's about when Maurissa was in the hospital with a severe Lupus attack and we didn't know if she was gonna make it or be the same if she did. One of the reasons I kept the scratch vocal was because I recorded it so soon after we got through all that and the emotions were still so raw. Anyway, happy ending on that one. Mo and I got married and all that. Beautiful ceremony. Joss, you were there.

As I have gotten older, songs tend to be more personal. But you have to be able to write character-study songs as well (To Be Money, Bad Son), from the point of view of someone who doesn't exist, or it will get really really boring only talking about yourself. Unless you are like a heroine-addict adventurer who keeps falling in love and then getting his heart broken and really wants everybody to get up and dance.

Joss: You have Felicia Day playing and singing on the album. Is she too pale to live? Also, you've collaborated with her in every medium except macaroni art. Do you feel sorry for her paleness, or is it a "talent" thing?

Jed: She lives nearby, is close friends with my wife and has some talent. That's my excuse, what's yours? That, and Maurissa and I like to invite her over so we can project Super-8 movies onto her face.

Joss: Stylistically, the album is very coherent, but is there a cohesive theme to it? Is the title any indication?

Jed: Nostalgia, I guess. The title comes from a few things -- the terrifying feeling that we are forgetting our life as it rolls along. My obsession with all the history that was never documented (though in the digital age, that may be over). As well as the sensation that history can give you. A feeling that is indescribable. That feeling of connection through the ages. It is related to nostalgia. Sometimes, when I pass through a town I have never seen before, I long to not only live there, but to have lived there my whole life; to be nostalgic for it. I get the same feeling from history. I yearn to have lived during all those times. And, of course, in the future. Does that answer your question? Or any question for that matter?

Joss: Do you consider this a DIY album? How much of it is home-baked?

Jed: Yes. Almost entirely recorded at my house. Very much home-baked. Like brownies. Brownies with weed in them.

Joss: Can you give a shout out to three count 'em three influences on this album?

Jed: Paul Simon, Brian Eno, Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd. That's four bitch!

Joss: If Spartacus and Buffy got in a fight, could this question be any lamer?

Jed: The astronaut would win.

Joss: You write, sing, play keyboards, guitar, drums, produce... god I hate you. I mean, which is your favorite? Where do you feel the most at home?

Jed: I love it all equally. A lot. I love playing and the process of creating stuff. But I have to say that the instrument that is proving most valuable is the one we all use and are using right now, the puter.

I am a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none in a lot of ways. But the computer allows me to try every idea, pick the ones that hold up, and the tools to manipulate the ones that don't. To mold and play and tinker and experiment and screw up and delete and fine tune and polish. In recording music, in writing scripts, in editing film, in graphic design. I couldn't do any of it as well (or at all, or in my own room, or distribute it to the world) without the computer. It is the most creative tool ever invented and I love it very, very much. Though it hurts my eyes.

Joss: What should happen in the second act of The Avengers movie? (Note: PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION FIRST.)

Jed: Something cool to set-up the third act.
Or maybe a slow-motion montage to a song from some album you like. Something very current and under the radar. It'll come to you.

Joss: You've performed in tons of musicals (including Merrily We Roll Along, you pathetic non-geek). What's the difference between musical singing and pop singing?

Jed: I think there's less of a difference nowadays, right? Right, Joss? Musical singing used to be all vibrato and diction, but pop-music has found it's way into musical theater. The main difference is, unless it's a film, in a musical you are never allowed to sing really softly. Or crowd surf.

Joss: Your album never mentions cute kittens. Is there any possibility I'm not just writing that to cause a search-engine grabbing link?


Joss: The song Drones was first used in an episode of Dollhouse. Was it written for the ep, or just right for it?

Jed: The goal was to make it feel like it happened to be right for it, but it was in fact written for the ep. Drones (from Belonging), and Remains (from Epitaph One), were both written for the show. Remains was your (Joss') idea. You said, "Why don't you guys record a song for the end with Mo singing all pretty like? Cause it'll be probably be good. Plus, we will save like fifty grand in the budget and maybe the apocalypse will be more than some candles in a paper mache city."

Drones was written for the end of Belonging, but ended up in the middle. It's about tradition, I guess. With both songs, the key was to write something that lyrically fit with the episode and the visuals, but was independent of the show. So it feels like the song was discovered in editing and happened to work. Drones would have been far less effective if the lyrics were, "We're dolls. Sitting in a chair. A chair with a blue light that makes us ninjas sometimes..."

Joss: What's next?

Jed: I am definitely going to do more of this. I hope to put out some EPs soon. Another album in the future. Play some gigs maybe. But first, I am going to start fleshing out some DH2 stuff. Which reminds me, you're supposed to come over to lay down some more demo tracks, but it hasn't happened cause you've been "busy." Where are your f***ing priorities, bro? Seriously...

(At that point, he stumbled out of the lobby, pausing to have his picture taken with a couple of giggling fangirls and then puking into a fern. His scarf stayed on the chair, draped, lifeless, spent. Purple.)

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Thanks to our roving reporter for the scoop :).
"Conga line fun;" someone has watched Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan." Fess up guys, you can't hide it forever.
Re: "too pale to live"
Felicia Day, goddess of cinematic projection -- All hail her Paleness

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Joss loves Wallace and Gromit! Not like there was any doubt he WOULD love 'em, but only as to whether or not he'd had time to take 'em in...
Best. Interview. Ever.

I would've pay hard cash to see Joss interview Lebron James on The Decision
Oh brotherly love -- it sickens me so. Just kidding.
This is where I'm suppose to put something witty right?

Anyways, the album really is great, love it all!
And thank you Joss and Jed for your lovely insights on conga lines, astronauts, scarves and something -- I think -- about music.

I'm never going to look at Felicia Day without thinking of a film being projected onto a face now.

And, wahoo at Joss's Wallace and Gromit love!
...Wow. Just wow.

This needs to happen more often. Joss, your questions are as hard-hitting as ever! You should do some on-the-scene reporting. It would be hi-larious. Also, oh god..

In all seriousness, that was by far the greatest interview I've ever read. It was nice to get more insight from Jed about the process and such too.

Now, Joss, see what you made me do? I had to click the pause button on iTunes. It was worth it thou--Y'know how you're coming to Melbourne and Sydney later this month? I hear Perth is also good this time of year.. Eliza, Summer, Dichen and Charisma would know :D

Edit: The tags are also flawless in their Google search ability. Only one thing is missing though.. Kittens~!

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You just have to love procrastination. We get the best Joss posts. And now with added Whedon! I enjoy the album a lot as well. I'm glad it is doing so well.
I need to hear this album.
This is just so amazing.

That’s my excuse, what’s yours?


Joss: What should happen in the second act of The Avengers movie? (Note: PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION FIRST.)

I think we all knew Joss was in this stage of his writing...seeing as there are purple letters on the front page and what-not.

Joss: Your album never mentions cute kittens. Is there any possibility I'm not just writing that to cause a search-engine grabbing link?


I laughed out loud...and then I got confused about where the naked starlets actually were. Don't tell me Jed lied about the naked starlets. :-O

“We’re dolls. Sitting in a chair. A chair with a blue light that makes us ninjas sometimes…”

That's so beautiful. *sheds a tear for Printy*

Great to see the J-man...and the other J-man the J-men posting.
Two posts from Joss in two weeks - sounds like he's procrastinating on his writing again, but it's so worth it. Who better to ask Jed those deep probing questions?

And encouraging news on the DH2 front - at least Jed is working on it. :)

Looking foward to getting the album from iTunes next week.
Jed: ...the terrifying feeling that we are forgetting our life as it rolls along.

Yes, that wot he said - that stuff slays me bad, too, in an equally obsessive, must-document-it way. I think that I remember it all - and then a huge chunk disgorges itself from that thing I call a mind, or a friend says something -- and I remember something major that I'd... forgotten. It does me in. And yet: it's like found treasure, too.

Troublemaker made me cry - and I... can relate to it too. I live in a not-dissimilar situation. I think that's partly why I relate to them so strongly as a couple. It's beautiful and painful. I hate art.

I like the whole album, but I think it was "Troublemaker" that won my heart. "Drones" is on my list, too.

And I freakin' adore the cover. It's got penguin-y cover goodness, along with circles and stuff. It and the digital book are the cat's ass. ; >

It's a hit. And apparently, according to iTunes, it is a hit. Mazel tov to Jed and everyone involved.

But - good point. Where are the !kittens!
Joss... you had me at the Wallace and Gromit reference. :)

I have not got around to buying this album yet, due to paleness, which is apparently incapacitating. Also my friends keep projecting movies in my face, which is a bit distracting and makes it hard to hit the right keys. But the 30 second previews in iTunes are very pretty.

(^ First post on WHEDONesque! For some reason, typing that feels douchey. But anyway, hello everyone. *waves*)
I bet that would've been the best candles-and-papier-maché apocalypse ever.
Will this interview be out in video form?
All right, All right, I'm sold. I'll buy Jed's album. Now get back to writing the best film of all time, The Justice League.
Welcome, Cruella DeWitt!
Fantastic interview. You can practically hear the banter between Joss & Jed. (Some parts even remind me of Dawn/Buffy banter...)

The album is delicious. Has anyone else seen the Digital Booklet? LOVE. IT.

Good insight on "Troublemaker". Could tell it was about Mo, but didn't realize lupus could get that serious. Scary.

And, naturally, they tease us about DH2. I will be looking for a montage now in Act 2 of Avengers. ;)

Fantastic. More relative interviews please! These are fun.
*wipes tears from laughing* Love you Joss and Jed! Wonderful, funny interview.
Y'know what..? I'm gonna read it again! Who's going to stop me? YOU?
Hmm... Now I've got a craving for some wensleydale (even though I don't like it.)
Welcome, Cruella DeWitt.

And korkster-dollink - clearly you don't read my posts with a fine-tooth comb. ; > Um, in your hand. ; >

My post wherein I call the digital booklet the cat's ass.

; >
Good work for a first-time interview, Joss. You might actually have a career in this life-draining business!

More seriously, Jed: related too deeply to the whole "nostalgia for a place I've never been" bit. (It also reminded me of The Southland's Miles.) Please stop mind-melding me. Thanks.
Troublemaker is aces. Love that song.
Quick canvas question here.. Has anyone pretty much memorized every song word for word and has played the album non-stop? Just me..? No? Huh.

It's rare for an -entire album- to do that to me.. Jed deserves the praise for years of hard work.
Actually, QuoterGal, I do read your comments. However, I was in the process of writing my comment when yours was posted. So, after I posted mine, I read yours...

And, I have a cat. His ass isn't always delicious.

Anyhoo, more cheers for the digital booklet couldn't hurt. It really is a treat, and people should purchase the album so they can check it out.

So, people? The Digital Booklet? Totally worth it. Everything from the worn look and pictures to the footnotes. You should definitely get it.

And I only own a brush.
OH its "Chateau MARMONT" not "marmot"... I was still thinking "Cabin In The Woods". My Bad.
Cub-Reporter Jimmy.. er... Joss, GOOD JOB!
What's new on your Horrible project?
I'm right there with you, MattAn24. It's my fifth play through non-stop (but I just purchased it, so give me time). And this coming from a gal who can't stand purchasing a whole album and having to tolerate the crappy songs in the middle.

There are no crappy songs in this album. The only feeling I have is to want to snuggle the album (if it were a physical manifestation) and stare at the ceiling, pondering how perfect this music is for everyday life.
Regarding the digital booklet, I completely agree! Gregory Wm Jacobson illustrated the album cover, etc.

Plus, we all learn something new from the footnotes and pictures! I especially love the comment about "could be the drugs, but this is outstanding.." It was both, it turns out.


@korkster; Totally! It's actually my very first album purchased via iTunes.. I never really bothered buying anything in particular (I've had my iPhone since about May 2010) until now.. Worth every cent. Deserves more than $16.99 AUD though..

[ edited by MattAn24 on 2010-08-15 00:36 ]
I haven't read the whole thing yet because I simply must comment on the whole pale person shtick: HEY! Not cool, I say from inside my house because the sun is up. I don't want to blind any of my neighbors because I don't suck. Unlike people who ask me if I'm dead. #harumpf

Back to the fun!
Awesome. Just awesome. Thanks Joss and Jed!
Possibly the most entertaining review I've ever read.
Popping out tomorrow to buy it :D
@rainbowsymphony; Um.. Popping out where? It's only on iTunes at the moment. Digital download mainly.. Planned to go on Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, etc, but they take longer to approve.
Wait a minute, I thought it was NEVER Lupus ? Has 'House' lied to me ? Second thoughts, don't tell me, I couldn't bear it.

(NB - for the purposes of this post i'm ignoring that time on 'House' when it was actually Lupus)

((and in the really real world, i'm glad it all ended happily. Or rather, didn't end at all))

And i'm also pro-pale, both aesthetically and sympathetically for I too am melaninically challenged (or as Billy Connolly puts it, I start off pale blue and it takes me a week in the sun to get to white ;). Which would be funnier if it wasn't actually more like "20 minutes to turn lobster red". Damn you source of all life on Earth, damn you to hell !

Joss loves Wallace and Gromit!

Or maybe just cheese quotes (they're thin on the ground).

Don't hate that this is Joss' special procrastinatey place, where he comes cos everybody knows his name (which in some ways isn't that big a deal since he's kinda famous) and nobody really minds that he hasn't fully fleshed out that scene on page 40 with the significant looks between Hawkeye and Nick Fury. Not saying he prefers Whedonesque to porn but at least we're on the same list. And i'm no expert BTW but "complications ensue" (pretty sure that's what usually happens in Act II).

Also, funny interview, cheers for that boss man + bruv. I didn't really like the way the creative insights, heartfelt emotional truth and barely submerged fraternal love/pride got in the way of the jokes but y'know, what's perfect in this life, right ?

(loved 'Drones' and also enjoyed the other preview tracks from a few weeks back so i'll check out the album when cash permits)
I'm waiting for the Amazon release because I'm lame like that. But loved the sample tracks and definitely looking forward to hearing the whole thing!

I'll just hum along to this fabu interview until then.
Everyone should just always interview their siblings. It's so much more fun!
Fabulous interview, I'm still laughing!
Also: 2 Joss posts in just a few weeks? \o/!
@Nicole; This proves only one thing.. Joss is either drinking heavily and we're his intervention party or he missed us. Or both..? Also, OMG another person who uses the \o/ emote! <3

@Lady Brick; Hm.. Okay. Think of -the- most awesome thing ever. Now.. Double that excitement. That there is Jed's album.

It also turns out that Joss brings us all together, because -every single Joss post- has a lot more comments than everything else. We're all happy times, yo~?.. Yeah..

[ edited by MattAn24 on 2010-08-15 01:16 ]
"Maurissa and I like to invite her over so we can project Super-8 movies onto her face."

I almost died laughing. Seriously. I had to wipe off my monitor. And did anyone else read this part"Come with me now on a magical journey I call: "HISTORY" LESSON: An Interview with Jed Whedon" in Andrew's voice?
Why haven't I killed you?

And thusly, the nature of brotherly relationships revealed. I think the answer is humor. Of the belly-laughing variety I was exhibiting, scaring the cats, probably annoying the neighbors (turnabout is fair play, bitches). Humor gets me through a lot, and besides the excellent answers about music composition inspiration, Joss and Jed come through with the laughs.

Brand New Day I think was my favorite piece in Dr. Horrible, being written by Joss and Jed, so I already know how talented Jed is. Of course I'm going to buy the album, the interview was just icing. Thanks, Joss.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2010-08-15 01:50 ]
Is there a real album on a little hard disc? All I see is that iThingie. And I'd like a copy.
Digital only, at least for the moment. I got it off iTunes and burned it to CD, though, 'cos I'm like that.
Time for all the historians on Whedonesque to do the wave!

I think we're done.
Joss: When you were three you worshipped me as a god - now you are taller and can do more things. Why haven't I killed you?

For the same reason I'm yet to kill my younger - yet taller and mathematically brilliant - brother. They're taller than us, and they can loom.

Best laugh I've had all weekend whilst sober. LoL. Now, if only all other reporters could have this kind of integrity/insight whilst interviewing their subjects...
A: That was brilliant.
B: So is the album.

Love it, guys. :)
An interview as interviews are meant to be - hilarious and informative and compelling the reader to leap out and purchase the album being discussed.
This was the best interview ever! :)
I'd like it to be on Zune now. :P
I just want to know if Jed's purple scarf is something he stole from Joss' Fancy Scarves for Striking Writers collection.
I can't believe I almost didn't read this because I felt tired. Best interview ever.
Hey Whedons, where do I apply to be related to you? I'll take in-law, that's fine.
I love what Jed said about how history makes you feel. I always feel like that when I go to a new place or even see photographs from a place I've never been - like I wish I had lived there and was part of the culture there. Same for events in history. I have often imagined myself there, thought up stories, wished I'd been reincarnated from someone there. I lose myself in that wistfulness sometimes.

I've never seen someone express that same kind of feelings before.
MattAn24: Then I'll be proud to bump up the Amazon sales number ;)
I loved this so much!
Loved everything about it, but a couple of notes...

1- "Maurissa and I like to invite her over so we can project Super-8 movies onto her face." // well , that's just mean! =P

2- Yes, the astronaut would win.

Oh and I haven't listened to it yet... no iTunes for Brazil... need to paypal the money to someone to buy it for me and all that stuff... but will do it this week! Can't wait to check it out!

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Gawd i love Joss, and now i think i love Jed.....
Great interview, most are quite boring.
You go girl.. um i mean Joss and Jed
Well, this hysterical interview completely sold me. Bought the album and have been running it in a loop for the last couple of hours...absolutely wonderful pop music, highly recommended. Also...first post on the black, so be gentle with me!
That was absolutely wonderful, as was the albums.

The "astronauts would win" line made me laugh very very much.
Cavemen totes win
That was so funny!! As a pale person in a really hot and sunny country surrounded by Asians, I understand Felicia Day's predicament, I thought they actually liked me for a minute there..
Shpadoinkle, excellent name! Welcome!
Can't wait for Joss to get writers block again, I don't mind how long it takes for The Avengers to come out as long as he keeps putting these up!
Astronauts for the win. They have lasers!!
This interview is a masterwork. Joss should interview everyone always.
I made a frankly unattractive yelping laugh noise at the W&G reference. Keep up the good work!
Haha, I love the Angel reference. With the caveman. And the astronauts. And if they got in a fight, which one would win. God, I feel like a dork. -_- Well, I'll have to check out the album now. I'm sure it's totally AWESOMESAUCE! :-D
Hearts for eyes right now.
He had me hooked with the roving reporter!

Thank you Joss.
Can one of the Whedons please adopt me? I'll be a good child, and I'm just done with the puberty part, so you won't have to deal with all that crap.
That nostalgia for unknown worlds that Jed mentions - which I often get myself - I knew there was something I'd read poking at me. I found one of them, but I know there's something else - something more Rilke-esque or Millay-ish. But this excerpt from a Michael Shepherd poem is one of them:

The French, who have a knack for the poetic phrase,
might pin down in words this strange emotion
of a city seen at night – something
like ‘nostalgie de l’inconnu’ –
a nostalgia for the unknown…
paradoxical sweet yearning in
a thousand lighted windows behind which
humans like ourselves whom we will never meet
share our lives; in this still night scene
(the distant sounds but faintly heard,
though not on our saved screens)
elevated to the holy mystery of life;
the soundless magic of a nightclub
saxophone and wistful clarinet;
a rhapsody in moods of blue.

Wonderful interview from Joss, wonderful album from Jed :)
God I love reading the comic genius of those two. Also DH2 updates, yay!
Welcome, Shpadoinkle! (And all the Scooby-Noobies!)
Downloading music as I type, and can I just say how much joy two 'Joss posts' in ten days gives me? It is pathetic.
I know I'm late for this, but I was busy watching Ninja Warrior.
OK, did Joss write Jed's responses, or are they both this way for real? If so, America is saved.
Also, Joss should make a few tweaks in his plan for world domination, including turning the Fox Network to the GrrArgh Network.
And Felicia Day is not too pale to live, especially in talent. She should just learn how to play World of Warcraft at the beach.
ETA: Just sampled the album. I'll have to get an iTunes card to add more cash to my account, but I'll get this album. Now all he needs is a world-wide tour with Miracle Laurie's Uke Box Heroes and a video or two, and he's all set

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Shpadoinkle, excellent name! Welcome!

Welcome, Shpadoinkle! (And all the Scooby-Noobies!)

I feel loved! I appreciate the welcome, and I look forward to arguing about the sort of commonly dismissed minutiae that drive my siblings from my presence. In a loving way. Mostly. No really, I'm pretty cool. I made brownies. #Overcompensating.
Brownies? like the ones JW was attributing to some of his music? Like the 'homebaked' variety? Cause, you're now my favourite member!
Just wondering, is that purple scarf gonna make an appearance in either comic form or the Avengers?
Hey, anyone that makes brownies already has a score on the board! I think it's a given fact that we crave sweets.

Welcome, Shpadoinkle. Quite a tonque twister there, I love it!
BlueSkies, that seemed too easy. I'm going to go ahead and assume you're the plot twist and anticipate that B!X will be nice to me. Over.
Album good. Interview funny.
lol, I guess that means b!Xy is the boogieman. :D
My God! (as a general exclamation, not refering to Joss)
That was one funny interview. But making fun of Felicias paleness. No sir, that will not do! Choose you weapon and we will settle this in a civilized manner. I prefer a pillow... or maybe tacos...
Plot twist: I saw Joss last week and he's still British-pale. Feel the self loathin'!
Finally, somone blows the lid on all those "no relation" interviews! Joss, you're a man of great courage - but watch out, all those "no relation"-ers will be after you!
Whoa, I actually witnessed that one. b!x, you're okay?

Oh gossi, hush those hounds!
In Last Man you have our brother Sam

Wait, there are more of them??
catalyst2, where've you been? I done thought you fell off the edge of the world!
Wait, there are more of them??

There're 5 Whedon brothers IIRC (Joss, Jed, Zack, Sam and ... I wanna say Mike ?). Basically, they have enough for their own posse which is totally handy if they ever have to avenge a wrong and/or defend a small Mexican village from marauders.

(and yep, it's sickening to know that even the supposedly non-creative brothers are actually creative too. [ETA]The good sickening that is BTW with, err, nice sick[/ETA])

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The real question is which Whedon brother is Numero Cinco?
Wait, there are more of them??

Yes there's also Dmitri, Ivan and Alexei.
Ok Simon, that was completely lost on me so I went to google. Is that a reference to the russan Tsars? Cause I could totally see Joss doing that funky russian dance with the leg kicking.

There, just helping out.

Simon's reference is to The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Not so much with the Russian dancing but more with huge internalised struggles and patricide.

Looks like, I shall have to wait for this, because of issues loading itunes. Shall just have to play the hell out of the three tracks avaiable on Soundcloud until then.

In the meantime is there any truth to the rumour that the original title was to be "Oh that's where I put it!" by Jed Whedon & The Mildly Coerced?
@ Madhatter - easy to do when I'm on the bottom of the world! Although, when I think about that phrase, that could mean something way different than what I intended.

Just been wrestling with 60-70-hour working weeks and laptop meltdown. All good now! :-)
Awww, that was sweet. And funny. Dear Joss, if this is your procrastination phase, I hope you go through many more. It's going to be a long time before you finish that little art film you're working on, and I for one will miss your voice.

BTW, we're a more fun distraction than porn. :_)
"Brother Sam"? There's another one?!!!!!
I definitely hear the Brian Eno influence! I thought that as soon as I heard the first clip- not kidding! It is in the mastering of the sound. Cool!

And Felicia Day is pale? Who knew!
I'm confused. When he says "DH2," is he referring to something Dollhouse-related? Like the comic coming with Season 2 or something? I don't understand, and I want to!
dace4days, it's Dr. Horrible 2. I thought Dollhouse at first, then remembered what it really was...sad face!
Hilarious interview and thread to boot. Ahh, gotta love Joss posts.
This made my day!

Love you, Joss and Jed (and Maurissa, and Sam, and Zack and however many more of you there are lurking around).
Please make with the procrastinationing more, Joss!
Best interview ever. And totally made my week.
The real question is which Whedon brother is Numero Cinco?

Of course! Why didn't we realize that Los Hermanos Numeros were based on the Whedons?

Ah, re-reading this interview (and catching up on the thread) has been a great way to start my day. This Joss guy is a pretty good interviewer. I mean, he's no Rutherford D. Actualperson but he's got charisma. (No, really. I heard she was on one of his showy shows on the TV box.)
Joss posts on Whedonesque? For reals? Just began to frequent the site (first comment!) and didn't know that. And you other folks on Whedonesque prove that the internet actually can be cool.
Oh yes, Whedonesque is "his blog," don't you know?

Hooray for fun interview!
Blueskies, i also thought it was Dollhouse and when i realized he meant Dr. Horrible 2 i felt sad and happy at the same time. Anyway, this is really the best interview ever. I laugh so hard.

And, welcome to all new members.
Joss Whedon, if I had not already proposed to you like, almost 10 years ago, I would have done so after reading this interview. My husband has agreed to a Heinleinian group marriage which involves all of the celebrities we love. I'm sure you'd be included. If I weren't already your wibe. (You'd be in good company too! Nathan Fillion and Christina Hendricks are on the list to be invited.)

But probably your purpose with this was to get Jed some exposure, and it worked, because I am now going to seek out this music more quickly than I would have before. (Before I was all, "I'll check that out ever." Now I'm all, "I should get on that sooner.")
This makes me wish I had money to buy new music instead of four boys eating through my entire budget...
Thank you Mr. No-Relation for pinning down one of them genuine artsy types (Authentically Certified by the Purple Scarf Association) and grilling him relentlessly for the kind of hard hitting expose we've come to expect in your long and distinguished 120 second career.

It's always nice to get a peak behind the non-existent (but totally figmented) Hollywood shades and receive confirmation that someone else's creative process is as free wheelin' and screwy as one's own.

And I "Amen" the most wonderfully creative tool ever, the Difference Engine.
Long ago, Dr. Horrible tweeted: "Introducing the FIVE Whedon brothers. Sam, Matt, Joss, Jed, Zack. There they are. Spelled correctly."

Welcome, Monbon (and Cruella DeWitt (and all))!
I bet this Matt fellow is Numero Cinco. We've heard nothing of him, ergo he must be their secret weapon!
He's so secret I even thought he was called Mike. Sorry brother Matt (but I think even you would admit, you look a bit Mike-ish around the eyes. Possibly).
And a blanket welcome to the newbies BTW ;).
I read a comment mentioning a world-wide tour. WANT. VERY WANT NOW PLEASE. Australia is part of "world-wide", right..?

And there's a Matt Whedon? Brilliant. Then my ultimate plan of Matt's being the true supreme overlords is coming to fruition! Now, my fellow Matt (however, much more famous than me one..), initiate phase 2~! \o/
A delightful interview! Rolling Stone should take notes.
This interview demands a sequel starring Maurissa.

BUT NOT UNTIL YOU FINISH DR. HORRIBLE 2. Priorities, remember? ;)
Madhatter - easy to do when I'm on the bottom of the world!

We're just glad you're back. We've missed you :)
(woops--posted to wrong thread.)

[ edited by Hellmouthguy on 2010-08-16 02:51 ]
*climbs into the thread after everyone has gone home...*

I have been looking for this everywhere. For hours. It turned out it wasn't in a poem - but it was someone I knew pretty well...

*quote-y relief.*

“...we are torn between a nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.” - Carson McCullers, "Look Homeward Americans", The Mortgaged Heart

*crawls out again...*
Me love our exclusive reporter. Also, must find time and purchase Jed's album.
Thanks for that, Quoter Gal. Seems to me that both quotes express something that many of us have felt but no one, until now, put into a song.That I know of!
I did not know that Joss had another brother. But then again, until Dr. Horrible, I didn't know Jed and Zack existed so.

Does that make me a bad fan?
I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more. I hooted and hollered and did the Happy Dance at the Purpleness of the Post and laughed so giddy-like my cat Anyanka stared hard at me and then dropped an extra-large half-alive cricket at me feet. She wants Joss to have it. And I'm ok with it, I've had my share of half-alive crickets dropped at my feet so I will be forwarding this half-alive cricket to The Five Flying Whedon Brothers care of FOX. It may be less then half-alive when FOX receives it but since FOX is used to killing things before their time and messing with the Whedon Family they can keep the by-then-dead cricket,frame it and hang it on the wall to remind themselves to never ever cancel another Whedon-related show ever and no, I'm not bitter when it comes to FOX.
Not bitter at all.
(off to ITunes to figure out how to get this album, uh, cd, uh, musical compilation of awesome Whedon-goodness)
I feel like I learned about Jed (and Maurissa) simultaneously from Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. (I was a bit late to the Horrible party.)

I didn't actually know about Zack until "Commentary!"
I really liked Jed's Dollhouse tunes and I've been waiting for this. Glad it's finally here.
Does that make me a bad fan?

No, missmuffet, it certainly does not. In the early days of Joss is a Hottie, when I had written the bio there (now I just have the Wikipedia page embedded...) I had mentioned something about Joss's brothers and actually received a correction from Matt because I left some of them out. And I feel like, as a person who owns a website named Joss is a Hottie, if I am not a bad fan for not knowing about all of the many brothers Whedon, you clearly can't be a bad fan for not knowing of them all. (And I am not a bad fan. I have a hat and whatnot.)
Astronauts all the way. The thing is, it's not a brains versus brawn argument. It's brawn versus another guy with brawn, who also has brains and military training.

Sorry, Cavemen. :)
Ulmassir, you silly, don't you know that Astronauts are all tiny tiny men (in order to fit in tight places) who have hollow bones (from being in zero gravity too much)? The cavemen would break them like twigs. I'm sure that Jed was just saying that (about the Astronauts winning) to annoy his big brother.
Fantastic Interview. Sounded just like an interview between me an my brother if he was a multi-talented multi-media creator and I was a critically acclaimed writer, producer and director.
This makes me wish I had money to buy new music instead of four boys eating through my entire budget...

I'm right there with you, Joiya!

I would pay, too, if Joss did an interview like this say once a week. Of course that would be after my employers decide that maybe they ought to pay me for the work I've done.
The French, who have a knack for the poetic phrase,
might pin down in words this strange emotion
of a city seen at night – something
like ‘nostalgie de l’inconnu’ –
a nostalgia for the unknown…
paradoxical sweet yearning in
a thousand lighted windows behind which
humans like ourselves whom we will never meet
share our lives; in this still night scene
(the distant sounds but faintly heard,
though not on our saved screens)
elevated to the holy mystery of life;
the soundless magic of a nightclub
saxophone and wistful clarinet;
a rhapsody in moods of blue.

That was lovely, QuoterGal. And it appears that Carson McCullers was right. (Thanks for finding that, btw.)

That's often how I feel, electricspacegirl. Like getting invited over to someone's family dinner, hearing the stories, sharing the laughter, and wishing that I could be a part of it so that I could truly appreciate it.

I've been listening to Jed's music for 7 hours. Non-stop. Love it.

[ edited by korkster on 2010-08-17 02:25 ]
Love this interview, best line I think I've ever heard an interviewee respond with: "Does that answer your question? Or any question for that matter?" Laughed so hard.
Is "heroine-addict" a play on words or a typo?
I think it's a typo but it's one of the most pertinent typos i've ever seen. See, even their mistakes are creative ;).
Many thanks to the other Joss Whedon for posting this gem.
I saw several people at SDCC wearing clothes (and in one case, a tattoo) featuring the logo "Heroine Addict," and a stand selling the stuff too, IIRC.
It's a great phrase (much pithier than Strong Female Character™ Addict ;) and if it appeared differently i'd totally be assuming it was deliberate (I just don't really see how it's related to the adventurer/not being boring thing).

That said, I don't see any other typos so you never know (I mean, what're the chances that the single typo he makes also happens to actually be a thing ?).
(I mean, what're the chances that the single typo he makes also happens to actually be a thing ?).

Pretty high if the only method you have for catching typos is spell-check, actually. It would overlook "heroine" for the exact reason that it is an actual thing.

< / buzzkill >
Damn you, killer of buzzes ! *shakes fist* ;)
I couldn't feel like more of a fanboy, but I cannot stop listening to this album. Love. It.

Seriously, Jed is the man.

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