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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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December 04 2003

Happy Birthday to Amy Acker. She turns 27 today.

And a happy one...I was dubious about Fred as a character at first...not at all now. A lovely actress playing a complicated role very persuasively...well done, Amy! And Happy Birthday!
has anyone noticed the batman credit in her flimography?
interesting how she is 3rd AtS cast/crew member linked to batman,
and i find out about all 3 in the same week. i believe in signs.
I thought for the first several episodes that her accent was beyond fake. I'm also a Texas native (born and raised in Fort Worth, 30 miles west of Dallas) and thought her inflection was way too twangy to be Texan. Thankfully, it's been toned down a little and Fred has turned out to be a fabulous addition.
Hm...both Texans, same area, same age.....but for my horrible luck, it could be me...
I'm a Texan as well. Born in aggie country and raised in the DFW metroplex. Transplanted from Texas and then resupplanted. Meaning I spent part of my childhood in Michigan, where the scholastic system there actively forced theany southern accent out of me as if it were a demonic possession, claiming my speech was riddled with impediments. So now, my southern accent sounds fake too. =)

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