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August 14 2010

Neil Patrick Harris LIVE today on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. The chat will stream live, starting at 3pm, Pacific time. Alternatively, the episode should be available to watch the following day, in the Archives section.

Though I haven't hanged there (hung? hanged? hung? never can get that right) every Sunday in awhile, the Kevin Pollak's Chat Show is a great web series where Kevin Pollak talks to talented peeps from tv, film, music, and the web. His interview with Felicia Day is one of my personal favorites. It'd be really cool if we could make a big turnout today for NPH. It's in about two hours if I'm doing my math right.
I believe it's "hung". I always mixes them up as well:)

Can't have enough of NPH, there is talent! Never realized he interviewed Felicia. Great, now I'm going to be searching the "tube" for the next three hours.

Isn't life grand!
It's on Youtube now:

Apparently NPH auditioned for Firefly!!!! That would have been pretty cool.

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