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August 15 2010

Jane Espenson makes a guest appearance at Scriptchat. She answered people's questions about script writing for an hour as part of an ongoing series of monthly conversations on Twitter. Transcript at the link, or you can search #scriptchat on Twitter.

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Hadn't even heard of anything like that. Very cool.
Didn't get my q a'd but it was very insightful to the young and aspiring writer.
Revised the entry a bit for accuracy and a more stable long term link (Twitter searches only work for so long). Very nice of her, that was some enthusiastic participation. So many tweets!
Yea, I don't think she ever saw any of my questiosn. #bummed.
Finally went through and read/skimmed the transcript. Very interesting. Makes me want to seriously think about being a writer. Mostly I agree with her sentiment that TV shows are like novels. I have believed that for ages, now. I vastly prefer TV over movies, and I mostly own TV shows. I am a fan of the long story form.
Got a feeling that would be really interesting (I literally can't get enough of Jane's stuff about writing) but unfortunately the format makes it very hard to read. I'm happy to accept that Twitter does some things brilliantly but this just isn't one of them IMO.
Yikes. That format is not something I would ever willingly do . UGH. Skimmed through just looking for JE and she was interesting as always. But in that format, most of the time seemed wasted with everyone just throwing out questions and random stuff rather than getting her thoughts.
That “transcript” is noise soup. Thin gruel with the occasional Jane breadcrumb.

Here is an atom feed for “from:JaneEspenson #scriptchat until:2010-08-16” that scans a bit better if you have a good feed reader. Sorry I can't clean it up further from where I am, plain text would be great.

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I love Jane, but seriously, chat rooms read better than Twitter feeds IMO. Very hard for me to skim through, let alone pick out what she's saying.
It was hard for everyone. I asked her one question that I thought was pretty good about, "do you prefer to work backwards from TV or from script copies when writing specs" which was at least topical about scriptwriting. It even got retweeted because I think someone else was curious about it. I think the problem with twitter chats is, it's very easy for a good question to get buried because you "see" the one before or after it first.

Then again, maybe she didn't want to answer anything from someone called "Darth_Cliche" :/ .

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