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August 15 2010

Joss talks about The Avengers to "...well, I'm a little stunned. I'm still waiting for the real director to show up".

Oh what a nice interview! I love Joss' comments on the cast/casting. I'm really getting excited about seeing Captain American & Thor (I knew I would see those for continuity, since I'm excited about The Avengers, but now I actually WANT to see them!).
I wonder what fan reaction to the Ruffalo comments will be?

Pulls up a chair and popcorn.
Is anyone else starting to think that Joss has buried issues against tallness?
It's not as though he is short though!
I had to watch this twice because I kept getting distracted by the people in the back particularly one woman who was pulling up her dress just as Joss was talking about making adjustments.
1. He really sold me on Ruffalo in a way that I will just shut up and see what Joss and Mark have to offer. Good sales pitch!

2. Joss needs to be careful with his usual "I'm so not worthy" self-deprecation. There is a whole group of fans (NOT US) who are waiting for him to fail, and don't get his humor. They're expecting mad-stupid Michael Bay/James Cameron cockiness.

3. I heart buzzed Joss.
Yeah, the cavalcade in back was a bit distracting.

I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the casting. Who's this Renner guy, and what role is he playing? Who are the Chrises?

Edit: Okay, that makes sense now. Thanks IMDB!

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Quick, Hulk vs Thor! I see a certain thunder god growing weak in the knees;)

Thank you, gossi, great discussion!
Not that it has anything to do with the price of tea in China ; >, but I think Joss is something like 5'11" - not by any means a height likely have height issues. (Not that he necessarily would were he shorter, anyway...)

I remember thinking, "golly, he's a tall 'un." And I ain't short at 5'8".
Here's to hoping we get to hear some info on the villain front some time soon - namely who will they be and who are we gonna see play them...
That was awesome. The cast is awesome. This movie's gonna be awesome.
"Oh, hellz yeah!" lmao. <3
Nice interview, woman with the mic.
Funny interview, I liked it. I get more excited for The Avengers every day. Speaking of the people behind Joss, did anyone else recognise Pauley Perrette? NCIS rules.
I had zero interest in the project until I found out Joss was attached. Now it's my top anticipated movie of the year 2012. The dream cast, the dream director. It's going to be crazy in the best possible way.

Break_Atmo, I was wondering if it was her...
Enjoyed the interview, thanks for the link.

YES, Break_Atmo! I love some NCIS Abby. She was one of the characters that finally sucked me in. Joss directing Pauley Perette would be awesomeness, so too bad they were only sharing the same space, not the same project.
Thank you Lioness for noticing what I noticed! :) Adjustments, indeed! And yeah the whole Hulk/Banner issue he seemed to be talking around in a way that keeps him out of the fray (no pun intended) which is what he has to do; look forward and reign in this HUGE group of actors/hero ensemble. I am *super* stoked! And the interviewer actually seemed to know what she was talking about, bonus points!
Great interview. For me, it hasn't quite sunk in yet that Joss is directing one of the biggest movies around, so it's nice to keep being reminded. :)
Joss seems so happy and excited, which makes me happy and excited (also maybe a bit weird, anywhere but here). :_)
Break_Atmo, thanks for confirming my suspicion.

Regarding villain speculation... the way Joss has been talking about this, I wonder if the movie will even need a villain? Our heroes might just wind up fighting each other.
The cinematic gauntlet has been thrown down before both Joss and Mark Ruffalo, Hulk-interpretation-wise. Watch if you dare.
The cinematic gauntlet has been thrown down before both Joss and Mark Ruffalo, Hulk-interpretation-wise. Watch if you dare.

Wow, Pointy. That dropped rose as a metaphor for "deflowering" (maybe)? That is some highbrow cinema. I think Joss will be hard-pressed to top this, although perhaps his budget will allow for additional tank-bicycle chicken matches.
I think (if it follows the comic) the villain is likely to be Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston in Thor) who tricks the Hulk into doing something destructive, and the others team up to take him down, ultimately discovering Loki's mischief.....Kevin Feige and Hiddleston have hinted that this is the direction they're going.
What is this "metaphor" thing of which you write, Shpadoinkle? Is it a new form of special effect? Sounds sex-like.
Joss referred to the process of writing, which makes me hold my breath as I ask, is he writing as well as directing???

And re: height, I suspect I sometimes think Joss is shorter than he is because we see him next to exceedingly tall people all the time (Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, David Boreanaz, Gina Torres, etc. etc., not to mention the Avengers cast as discussed in this interview.)
He's working on the script. I gather it's more of a rewrite.

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