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August 16 2010

20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies. Dingoes Ate My Baby gets a shout out at number 18.

My fake band, The Wrong Puppets, could take them all.
There is a notable lack of Wyld Stallyns.
Two Seth Green mentions is always a good thing. I'd included The Weird Sisters cause they're awesome.
Sex Bob-Omb are properly good in my opinion. It's like Beck actually did go back to some of his earlier stylings for the movie. (Or have the lyrics still not made much sense even on his new stuff? At least it sounds like "with my peacock hands and my tangerine skulls" would fit right at home with the first edition of the Becktionary.) Also I did end up loving that one Metric track that was nominally performed by The Clash at Demonhead.

What constitutes a fake band though, if they churn out multiple actual songs? (Ala Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem particularly? Aren't they a felt-based proto-Gorillaz?)

And I actually did dig pretty much all of that Josie and the Pussycats movie, it's a shame there was never a spinoff that Seth Green could headline.
orangewaxlion, some of the lyrics that Beck did for Sex Bob-Omb, were based off of lyrics from Bryan O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comic. Plus I think I remember reading somewhere O'Malley gave Beck some additional lyrics.

Black Sheep by Metric was awesome track and worked great in the movie, only they didn't have anyone playing guitar in the band, just bass, drums and keyboards that weren't touched. :-)

No mention of Crash & the Boys also from Scott Pilgrim, who had one funny song and one decent song from Broken Social Scene.

I think one of the good hallmarks of a good fake band, is having decent music written for them. Which is why the Weird Sisters are an awesome fake band.

Cool thing about the Scott Pilgrim movie growing up in Toronto was seeing clubs like Lee's Palace in the film, which I've seen countless of shows at over the years.
Gotta love most of those choices (especially liking the shout outs to Sexual Chocolate and Dr Funke's 100 % Natural Good Time Family Band Solution).....but including Driveshaft (IMO one of the worst depictions of not just bands, but England) and NOT including Wyld Stallyns? Really?

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Hey, where's Hep Alien?
wait a minute...isn't that J. August behind Seth Green in the Du Jour photo?
@Sid. I'm not entirely sure (never seen the movie) but it really looks like him! According to IMDB, it's Donald Faison. But I still see Gunn.
Sorry, but all those pop up ads were too much of a distraction to read the whole thing. Maybe we should warn people of sites that load up with pop ups and other forms of nuisances, like malware, et cetera?
It's Donald Faison behind Seth Green in the Du Jour photo. Also in another very cool made-for-tv band! CoolKats from Scrubs - the greatest airband in the world!
Matt Fabb, Lee's Palace was also hugely prominent in the books (as are several other Toronto locations).

The photo series lost me with Driveshaft. Seriously, it started with Driveshaft. Driveshaft had one song and it was terrible. And the other guy in the band, the brother, did not sound authentically English.
Sorry, but all those pop up ads were too much of a distraction to read the whole thing. Maybe we should warn people of sites that load up with pop ups and other forms of nuisances, like malware, et cetera?

Oh was that the site that did it? *grumble, grumble* Thanks to them I have now learned about a new glich in the way Firefox saves tabs--or in this case doesn't save tabs when I had to reboot it. I did actually have a couple of tabs that were research for work and not just fun and games. *sigh* I guess I'm now paying the piper by being forced to comb through twisted histories. /whine
Dunno how they managed to miss off the fabulous Stains (as well as Ray Winstone's band from the same film that I don't know the name of).
I stand corrected. but I too, still see Gunn.

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