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December 04 2003

(SPOILER) 100th Ep. party pix -Casting Spoiler- has itty bitty pix of cast, Joss Whedon, WB president Jordan Levin...

Plus the Special Guest Star for the 100th episode.

Nice to see Charisma with the group. It wouldn't have been the same without her. Can't wait for the 100th eppy.

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Is it just me or do the images seem to be slanted towards only certain cast members. Normally I don't mind but it is 100 episodes I think they would even it out a bit more. The only shots there are of Andy, Alexis, and J. August are group shots. Also where were Sarah T. and Mercedes, I thought maybe Kane might even show up as well. Love the whole cast but the photos seem all about James, Charisma, and Amy. David wasn't in that many single shots and who would have thought Joss would play so nice with WB execs after what happened at the BTVS 100 episode party.
fill me in: what happened at the BTVS 100 episode party?
Joss basically got angry and upset at the execs being at BTVS 100 episode party since it was also the last episode on the WB. I guess some words were had and I'm not sure but Joss either left the party after cutting the cake or had the execs removed from the set. At the time the WB was dragging it feet on renewing the series, this upset Joss and company to the point he did not want to see anything WB on his set and because of their actions UPN came in and bought the rights to the series out from under them. That's why there wasn't any crossovers between the two series except for the last few episodes in the last season of Buffy. The WB was none to pleased when they found out that UPN had bought the rights out from under them.
If you have a subscription, you can see bigger versions of the pictures. Mercedes is in the background of many of them. She was there, and I assume Sarah Thompson probably was too, but the Wire Image folks must not have deemed it important enough to have them on their website.
Can I possible express how HOT Charisma Carpenter really is? I bet that it was extremely awkward for her to be there. Iím sure JW acted like a prick towards her as well.

And Raven, it was my understanding after reading the press briefing that the WB opted to allow Buffy to be picked up by an unnamed (at that time) distributor (partially due to Fox's demand for multi-million dollar franchise rights fees to produce the show)...I don't think it is plausible for a production company to sneak up and pull a large production show out from under some other distributorís feet...If a distributor wants a show, then they keep it, if not they let it go. Rather simple really...

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Fox owns the rights to Buffy, the WB owns rights on a per season basis. Normally yes that means they have first dibs on the following season, however legally they are not bound to purchase the next season, nor is the distributator obligated in selling the next season to them. They were slow in making a deal on the 6th season and Fox turned around and sold the rights to UPN, who was more then willing to pay Fox's price. WB did not want to let the show go but they did not want to pay Fox's asking price. It was a shock to the industry as a whole since it had never been done before but you have seen it done a bit more since and even more so with two networks sharing the rights to a programs season, usually a Cable network and an over air network, ie Monk, Queer Eye, and Charmed just to name a few.
Thanks for the clarification...
Wow, everyone was sure smiley-smiley weren't they?

I can't help but be touched by the pictures that included CC. Now that's more like it! I hope this hints toward a new era of cooperation and interest from ME towards Charisma.

She even LOOKS like Cordelia again!

Color me happy.
Simpleba: what is this about?
Iím sure JW acted like a prick towards her as well.
There are larger pics here.

And can we have less of the rumours and name calling. I don't want to start deleting posts.
This 100th doesn't feel anything as fun or exciting as my true favorite 100th.
Sigh. The character depth, episode excitement, story drama and arc potential just does not come close.
Or is it just me?
How weird is that picture of David Boreanaz's kid with "blood" smeared all over his mouth (in Simon's link)?

And CC *does* look like Cordelia again (and very happy) - very cool. We don't have the new season of "Angel" yet, but looking at these pictures I miss her already.
Charisma looks beautiful. I was so happy to see her there and cannot wait for the 100th ep. I wish they would bring her back full time...I miss her!!!
I thought everyone looked happy. I don't buy into the rumors of what transpired between Joss and Charisma - I wasn't there so I don't believe any of the crap being spread around. It's a business, her character wasn't as important to the storyline so she was let go (and a lot of fans agree with that and don't miss her at all). I'm happy that she was included in the 100th episode and I hope her story is wrapped up or expanded if there is more to her story.

I'm happy the show got to the 100 episode point and I'm thankful for Joss Whedon for giving us such great shows. I'm still so totally missing Buffy and Buffy will always be my favorite but Angel is right behind. One comment though, clicking on "Taraliveson's" link just made me notice how come Angel's cake is soooo much bigger than Buffy's????!!
Wow. I don't know (or really care) about the off-screen drama. I just want my old Cordy back on the show. She looks amazing! And yea, looks happy to be there (as happy as I am to see her there cutting that cake). And don't you think she looks great standing next to Spike? Could look even better onscreen... =)
ooohhhh...spike and cordy...the mind reels!!!
I miss Cordy. There is no other character that I would rather see on Angel provided they keep her hair long and her tone acerbic.
Great pictures!! And thanks for the link Simon.
"ooohhhh...spike and cordy...the mind reels!!!"

That WOULD be something!..although it'll just give Angel yet ANOTHER reason to whine about how Spike takes everything he wants/has...*snore*
"One comment though, clicking on "Taraliveson's" link just made me notice how come Angel's cake is soooo much bigger than Buffy's????!!"
Maybe they were trying to avoid puffy-Xanderness. ;)
I'm sorry. Iím sure Joss was witty and nice to everybody...
I just have this feeling after listening to various audio blurbs, articles, and interviews that JW seems somewhat of a pompous individual...And I am usually a very good judge of character, as a director of personnel should. I like his work though.

And deleting posts? Why no mention of deletion for the flamage regarding Michelle Trachtenberg's photo ops? We have to watch what we say about Allmighty Joss?

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Believe me I don't rate his recent Angel episodes that highly and I think on occasion he's made some serious mistakes in Buffy but there's no need for name calling thats all. I respect your opinion but I don't want Whedonesque to have that kind of content.

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