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August 16 2010

Jewel Staite answers Twitter questions for her new blog. She talks about Firefly, Stargate: Atlantis, and her experiences with fans.

I guess this is going to be a regular thing for her now.

Fun little interview. I love Jewel.
Yeah, fun and classy.
Ahh - Raising Sand. Definitely something to look in to if you haven't already.
Nice, fun and informal answers to some questions. It's great that she does that for her fans.
... pictures of Paul McGillion (again, we could be sisters)...

made me chuckle ;).

Great little blogterview, Jewel making with the funny. No pressure on her but i'd read every single one if that became a regular thing.
Yep, I'd read 'em all too! Love Jewel. :)

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