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August 17 2010

Felicia Day on the Nerdist Podcast. Felicia also features in the new music video "You Get What You Pay For" by Jason Charles Miller. And there's the new episode of The Guild.

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I don't know how anyone could look at Felicia Day and keep "grump face", but somehow Jason Miller managed it. :-)
I've been listening to this (Felicia tweeted the link) for the last hour and it is a GREAT hour of entertainment and information. I love hearing from Felicia Day and about all the projects upon which she has been working.
I wonder if this is the same Jason Miller who Juliet Landau directed and costarred with in the Godhead music video?
I have a question, if anyone knows the answer: why can't Felicia Day do commercials now? Is it that she doesn't have time for auditions or is it some other reason? I'm very confused (she was always so cute in her laundry related commercials).
embers - Someone else asked Felicia the same question, so here's the answer from her on twitter.
Somehow I believe Felicia can fix a truck.
Thank you for the link NotaViking (and I love your name), I missed that tweet.
I can't help but laugh at the small pang of jealousy I felt when she mentioned her boyfriend.

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