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August 17 2010

Dead of Night similar to Buffy? This independent horror-actioner based on the "Dylan Dog" comic series is getting a lot of comparisons (and unfavorably so) to our favorite television series about the chosen one.

If the plucky young blonde has superhuman strength and stylish, yet affordable boots, this movie will be totally awesome.
It would be more awesome with some people in it...Like SMG, Aly Hannigan...Not that I want to start again about the non-existent Buffy movie we all want to see. ^^

I'm relieved actually, it's technical comparisons, well, it's hard to have great writing to compensate that...
Dylan Dog is great, this movie doesn't seem to follow the comic at all.

Story wise the only comparison is that both are set in a world like ours where every nightmare creatures actually exist but without the general popolation knowing.

The look of it may be similar to the first three seasons of Buffy, but it's not a good thing when you compare the look of a late '90 tv shows to a 2010 movie.

The last three seasons of Buffy where much better looking than this trailer.
I have great affection for Routh but that doesn't look Buffy good, it looks Buffy-movie bad.
I was actually expecting the voice-over guy to say 'vampires, werewolves and the forces of darkness'.
I'm actually sad to admit that I want to see it. It looks kinda fun. I think a lot of the visual stuff might be amped up in the "post-production" stage that the trailer says the movie is currently in.
I actually wonder if the vamp makeup might be an homage to BtVS in a way. It's pretty exact for them not to expect a relationship drawn between the two worlds. I won't be surprised to hear a throwaway reference line to BtVS in the movie.
"now in post production" ? So that means this isn't remotely a trailer meant for public consumption right?

Anyway, I really loved Routh in Scott Pilgrim so this was surprisingly less fun. Maybe I mostly dug his clipped quasi-British accent or cadence in that movie? This movie does seem to have a bit of a sense of humor so I am kind of curious about how some of the more grounded mundane moments play out (like the benign zombie). That looks at least a little fun compared to how the action doesn't seem that exciting to me.
For anyone curious, seek out the previous "Dylan Dog" film adaptation, the 1995 Italian film "Dellamorte Dellamore" (known here in the U.S. as "Cemetery Man"). Rupert Everett stars as Dylan Dog. It's a cult classic, very quirky, very darkly funny, and slightly bent. I highly recommend it.
Yes, Cemetery Man is great. I want to see this version of Dylan Dog too. And I'm not sad it admit it either. They can't all be as good as Buffy but they can be something like as much fun.
I have to say, I think this is pretty similar to the Dylan Dog I love. I was hoping, once I saw how similar the trailer was to Buffy, that we'd somehow get a link here that'd let me gush about it. Such a good comic, one that I think has been dying to get an Angel-esque TV adaptation. But anyway, Dylan Dog has always been kinda B-movie in its writing, which this seems to adhere to. I hope they go with the ultra-surrealist ending like pretty much every issue of DD does, though I'm not holding my breath.
For me it's more similar to AtS (human version of Angel) rather than BtVS

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