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August 17 2010

Felicia Day reroutes her career with web series "The Guild". "With her groundbreaking web series, actress Felicia Day took control of her own career -- and shook up the world of Web video in the process".

I really liked the first season of "The Guild." Seasons two and three, I've been a bit less hyped on, but largely because I think they're a bit more uneven than the first. What excites me the most about "The Guild" -- other than waiting for season four, that is -- is that it's pointed the way to whole new avenues of ongoing content creation. In part because of the technology that made "The Guild" possible, and in part because of the creative possibilities it has helped to demonstrate, we're on the cusp of a near-total redefinition of the entertainment industry.

I particularly love the quote, "I'm turning down a lot of money. I could be much richer now." As if money were the only way to be rich! :-) Then again, I think she's figured that out. She's rich in ways that it's sometimes difficult to buy, even if you have extreme amounts of money: she's doing what she loves, with people she enjoys working with, and is completely self-sufficient and in charge of her own career/destiny. Hands up, everyone, if you think THAT'S the kind of rich you'd like to be.

[ETA: Saturn Girl's comment below alerted me that Season 4 had started. Apparently I was so busy waiting that I waited too long. :::facepalm:::]

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Felicia articles are always great reads. It really is amazing what she's done and that title's a great way to sum it up.
BAFler, I'd be just fine with "normal rich."

And yes, Felicia is a class act.
An awesome woman in an awesome dress.
Every time I read an interview with Felicia Day, I love her just a little bit more. Every Tuesday I can't wait to fire up my XBox to catch the newest Guild. This season has been really funny, and Wil Wheaton was a real casting coup. I hope Felicia & Co. continue cranking out the funny for a long, long time.
So when someone shows up saying "we want to make a 'Guild' movie/hour long scripted comedy", what will the answer be? Has the question already been asked? Not the "what would you say if someone asked" question, but the actual "what do you say" question.

Also... still the best keyboard ever.
Felicia has been brilliant in retaining the rights to her creation: considering how her career is growing it is clear that she has made the right decisions!
I would love to see her do a feature-length spinoff of her series. On her own terms, of course.
I love that she has stuck to her guns (gunns? why are poeple stuck to guns? anyway...) and keeping creative control. I'm a huge fan of the guild and it's even got me interested in gaming for some reason. She is quite the talent and I believe we will see great things from her. Especially since we already have...
This woman could not be made any better even if you coated her in chocolate and rubies.

She was homeschooled! I didn't know that!
Kairos: EVERYTHING is better with chocolate.

You win on rubies, though.
Not only was Felicia Day home-schooled, she was valedictorian at college, she double majored in mathematics and music, was a National Merit Scholar, and graduated as valedictorian of her class. So much for the idea that home-schooling is necessarily a bad thing.

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