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August 18 2010

Firefly and Wonderfalls make "Too Late To Save" list from EW. Entertainment Weekly had an interesting list of "top 19 shows fans discovered too late to save". They include Firefly and Tim Minear's "Wonderfalls".

"Day Break", which features Adam Baldwin, also made the list.

Fully agree on Wonderfalls and, obviously, Firefly. Was also not surprised to see Veronica Mars among the picks, too, which featured a nice guest spot by the purple one himself in season two.

But Moonlight? Really?!
Any mention of Wonderfalls makes me happy, any mention of Wonderfalls cancelation makes me really, really sad!
I would've given my vote (since I actually did watch Wonderfalls and Firefly from the start) for Pushing Daisies. It aired during my final semester of college, then fell off the radar due to the WGA strike. It took me 2 months from watching the penultimate episode to put in the final ep DVD.
1. "Daybreak" was fabulous and I loved Adam Baldwin in that complex role. I would also have loved to see what happened on the next "day." (If you can watch Hulu, all of the episodes are there--and there is enough closure IMO.)

2. "Journeyman" really needs to be on this list. (Also on Hulu in it's entirety.)

3. To add a blast from the past, I wish "Max Headroom" had lasted longer. But at least they finally released it on DVD. :D
No Dollhouse?? .... bah humbug, and surprised at EW, where they always bring the Joss love.
I'd also include T:TSCC, right up there at the top.
Glad to see Carnivale on the list.
And I'd add Life, with Damien Lewis.

ETA: Oh yes .... Journeyman!
Also forgot to add Flash Forward to my personal list, although I seem to be a minority of one, around here.

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That list is full of shows I've watched and loved (Firefly, Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks) and shows that are on my to-watch list (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies).

Why is My Name is Earl on there though? It was on for a long time, four years! (If only Firefly had lasted for that long...)
Gidget is the archetype, and in this day and age, induplicable; it tanked on first run but topped the charts in reruns. But, the production was already shut down so they decided to look for another property for Sally Field and bought the Flying Nun and proceeded to dig a big, bad hole for 2 years. (my source being the book What Were They Thinking? famous for its chapter on Connor and Dawn.)
Not surprised at all the standards that are on here (Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars), surprised that T:TSCC and Undeclared weren't on this list, and very happy to see Ed get some love, as I loved that show (I actually watched it while it aired).
I must admit, I'd never heard of Daybreak and I've never seen Freaks&Geeks or My so-called life.
I'm sad Pushing Daisies isn't on the list,though. and Moonlight was an ok show but not list-worthy.
and I besides firefly,which I did sort of diss when it first came out and ended up watching on dvd, I watched most of this while they aired and for some, campaigned to save them.
oh, and where's legend of the seeker? I discovered it recently and now I don't want to finish s2 cause it's the last.

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I watched Firefly when it first aired on TV, but I just recently watched Wonderfalls and loved it.

And I totally agree about Journeyman - I was upset when that was canceled.
Journeyman was one of the many shows I saw after cancellation because of recommendations I took from people here. I agree it should have been on the list. It probably should have replaced some that were on for quite a while. 4 years is a good run for most shows.
Firefly: Watched on DVD (in one night, no less... "Ariel" is downright freaky at midnight) a few years after it went off the air.

Veronica Mars: Discovered it last winter.

Freaks and Geeks: the first disc should be arriving from Netflix tomorrow. My girlfriend talked me into it.
I watched many of these shows while they were on the air, and suffered their loss. But I have to say: Moonlight shouldn't be anywhere near this list. It was awful.
I miss Firefly. And Veronica Mars.
Angel should be there too (remembering season 5 *sniff*).
Wonderfalls is SO good. If you aren't on that boat, get to it. Exact type of show a Whedon fan would love.
A better than average list, as these lists go.

I've seen and fully support the inclusion of: Carnivale, Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, Rome, Sports Night, Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls.

I wouldn't personally have included 'Action', but it was very entertaining, so I can't really quibble with it.

Shows that I've seen and wouldn't have included: Ed, Jack & Bobby, My Name is Earl and Studio 60.

I would have loved to have seen them mention: Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Angel, Boomtown, Dollhouse, Drive, Farscape, Jeremiah, Line of Fire, Once & Again, Star Trek: Enterprise and Veritas.

Still, not at all a bad list. :)
Oh yeah, Brisco County Jr. definitely! Plus I would add Now and Again. (Which is completely different from Once and Again because Now and Again involved a guy getting his brain transplanted into a genetically bio-engineered body as part of a government experiment.)

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