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August 18 2010

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #36. Was last issue's cliffhanger the real deal or just smoke and mirrors?

I think it was the real deal-but there is more to it than what we think. A lot of recent events (limb dusting for example) have transpired due to the time skipping caused by Wolfram and Hart, so I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it.

I'm really looking forward to this issue.
I'm looking forward to the issue too.Still no preview pages for it though.IDW has a page up for them but it's empty.
Really?That's very strange/although I have tried to be strong recently and not read the
Previews so not to spoil the comic too much.Maybe there is a lot of important plot stuff in the 1st few pages they didn't want to release?
Well the preview is now up, so I changed the link accordingly.
Thanks, Simon.

Thaks for posting this.
Not interesting enough.

Haven't looked at one of these in awhile. Looks like the art improved.
Somebody tell me what Courtney Love is doing on the cover?
She's eating souls so... the usual?
Not touching this with a ten foot pole.
With Mariah and Tischman working on the scripts, this was excellent. Hilarious, epic, sad, just great. Best since "After the Fall" days, by far.

References to past-Buffy and Angel episodes abound, and Angel is... so, so very in character. Everyone is. Wonderful.

Why, oh why the upcoming Dark Horse move?
I've created a new topic so people can talk about it there instead of conversations happening over three threads.
This issue was interesting. I've been riding out this arc hoping I am going to really love it, but I will have to settle for not hating it any more. It appears Spike has something going on with his soul, we're just not sure what yet. Oh, and Anne's back, so that's kinda neat. R.I.P. Dez, we never knew you.

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IDW has a review of the issue along with the Riley One-Shot.
Great issue although we don't get any new info on how and why Spike lost his soul.Just that his recent behavior was due to it and Spike does feel off.

Bill Willingham wrote the issue but the new creative team of Angel editor Mariah Huehner & David Tischman coming in on Angel #39 fully,helped script this issue.And I do think it shows.I've like Willingham's run particularly the plot but I think Mariah and David have the voices/dialog better down in this issue.

They subdue the soul sucker as shown in the preview pages and then Laura has Angel slit Illyira's throat and mix her blood with water in a tub an put the soul sucker in it to weaken her even more.In effect starve the soul sucker who hasn't fed in a while.Burn off the last of the soul she has taken.

Dez is killed by the soulsucker when it tries to escape.

Before it escapes,Angel manages to kill it.Everybody realizes that the soulsucker was sent by James.

There is also funny moment with Angel and Polyphemus.

Also Connor runs off to his Warrior ladies while all this is going down after he gets a call from them.

The issue ends James setting up shop in Anne's youth center and open a demon portal.

The Eddie Hope back up was good.We don't find out who Eddie's phone caller was but we do get Angel and Spike coming to Gunn's rescue.Spike introduces Angel to Eddie(this is set after the Spike:The Devil You Know miniseries).
This issue was a combination of "really good ideas" with "how can the dialog be this flat" and a hint of "we don't get around to explaining anything from the last issue". It seems this series, though I will remain faithful to, suffers from roller coaster story telling; one issue will be really really (maybe just really) good and the following is wanting.

However, I have a snarky half smile with Willinghams treatment of the Aftermath characters. One is now evil and one is now dead. Also missing from the story is Beta George, whom I've loved since his first apperance.

Willingham is setting up really good ideas, it's his lackluster dialog that makes it hard to take. It's kind of like a prostate exam. No matter how much lube they use you're still gonna feel dirty even though it's for your own good.

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Well, this issue was not even lukewarm good as some of the previous ones - mostly because of the plot stretches and holes - like Souleater that needed to be subdued and starved for 5 hours in cold water spiced with Illyria's blood and acid and then she actually gets an energy boost but Angel just kills it with a sword - really? Why could not he behead her before, when she was starved? Not to mention that Spike and Illy had to have their hands in that solution for 5 hours - with visibly no results. Connor-napping was amusing but too predictable and the part that made me snort was actually how nonchalantly the last Aftermath character was disposed of. Poor cat-girl did not even get a bit of witty exit dialog. Should we mourn her - Illy asked - and we as readers are expected to join in and shrug, I suppose. The whole discussion of Spike's missing soul was ridiculously flat - and matter-of-factly. It was like , yeah, we know we have to resolve this quickly lets not make much fuss about it.

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