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August 19 2010

Nicholas Brendon goes from "Buffy" to web-comics with "Very Bad Koalas". An interview with Nicholas Brendon about his web comic Very Bad Koalas.

Great interview.
That's a rather...unusual interview. And I know he was was kidding about the age of consent in various places but eww.
Um, yeah... You know, some things just don't...translate well to text. Or public consumption.
It's not a particularly pleasant interview to read.
Maybe "Very Bad Koalas" could cross-breed with "Contropussy", Emma Caulfield's webcomic. ;-)
I thought it was a good interview. Unlike the character he played, Nick is not actually rated PG-13 and I think what he had to say about the pointlessness of developing a psudo-artistic persona for the media was particularly relevant. Unlike a lot of actors, what you see is what you get with him, and I respect that.
It was very Nick. In fact, compared with some audioblog entries of late, that was practically Disney Nick.
Emelye, that was the most worthwhile part of the interview, where Nick calls bullshit on how he used to present himself and answer fans' questions about how much like Xander he might be.

Far as the crass consent talk, the interviewer lead him to it with, "Well, you see her now on television, she's pretty grown up." and then Brendon just ran with it to the point of being over the top. I imagined it in his sarcastic voice and it works, if only in that stand-up comic, I'm-being-as-offensive-as-possible-in-an-attempt-to-provoke-some-nervous/self-conscious-laughter-out-of-my-audience kind of humor. Same with the generalized culture-based/biased comments about Indian and Saudi women, though that was admittedly more wince-inducing, yikes.

The vagina comment to his male interviewer is probably the kind of humor you could pick the biggest bone over. Once again, emotional = female (and weak) and therefore undesirable for a man to experience & display. A cheap, overused, and easy laugh (for those that laugh at it). Cue *rolleyes*

But...yeah, there's something refreshing about a person not censoring themselves for public consumption, not constructing a persona (or dropping the one they previously presented) in order to be better liked. It's good to feel like you might be seeing/hearing the real person behind the celebrity, warts and all. Makes these pieces feel less like fluff.

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I guess, I am unfamiliar with Nick's personal character, so I was surprised (and kind of repulsed to tell the truth). I was hoping to read more about the web-comic because I have a personal interest in the various ways the community is trying publicize them and make them profitable.

I come from a perhaps more reserved school of thought, that feels that there are different levels/aspects of one's personality that one reveals to different groups of people in one's life based on appropriateness. I figure it's all very well to just lay it all out there, but if you are depending on an audience reception of your work for your bread and butter, but it's just shooting yourself in the foot to not self-sensor in the public forum.

Of course there is the school of thought that there is no bad publicity. There is a lot of pop culture out there that doesn't speak to me, so I just pass it on by. I guess he will have his own audience, I'm just not sure how big it will be.

Well, to each their own.
BreathesStory, I think it's important to understand that the comic is thematically different from his other, more mainstream work and his interview is reflective of that. Nick is a great believer in the truth. And while he can be crude and occasionally offensive, his honesty often takes his storytelling to a place that I personally feel is unique and valuable.

You get a lot of rough with Nick, but the gems are worth it.

From a publicity and marketing standpoint, what he discussed about the direction of the comic is exciting to hear. Something plot driven with a terminus I think is easier to sell an audience of readers on than something endless and episodic. Most webcomic producers don't have the budget for their kind of promotional tour or Nick's name recognition to capitalize on, but they've developed a strong web presence that I think could be emulated by other artists.
Nick Brendon clearly went to the John Mayer school of interview techniques.

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Still think I'd like to see him do some Westerns.

Does saying his substance issues are something "I get arrested for from time to time" show a healthy honesty or a dangerous flippancy? But given my own observations of people, maybe he doesn't know that yet himself.
DaddyCatALSO even though I know he was originally intended for Firefly, I have to admit I have no idea what Nick in a Western would actually look like. If it wasn't a Fox show, I'd say he should try and get a spot on The Good Guys. But with Fox's track record, well, y'know... ;-)

IMO Nick's taking his issues very seriously. He uses self-deprecating humor as a defense mechanism when he's speaking about painful subjects, but he's worked hard for his sobriety these past five months.
Emelye; I've gotten that impression of seriosuness myself; I just worry about the Jossalums soemtimes :-).

Seriously, I remember reading soem Louis L'Amour books a few years back and thinking, "He could play this character in a film." A few weeks back I even thought that, once he's soem eyars older, doing a rehash of Have Gun, Will Travel. I'm 54 years old and I've spent about 40 of those out of the loop so I get odd ideas.
DaddyCatALSO That would be seriously cool. If someone ever wanted to revamp Gunsmoke I could see that working as well.

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