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August 19 2010

14 kick-ass TV women. TV Overmind gives us a list of 14 kick-ass TV women. Buffy makes the list.

So true! Buffy is the best female ass kicker, I'm not biased or anything cause it's just true.
Can't argue with most of them, although I'd maybe have to lose two or three in favour of the likes of Amanda from Highlander, Aeryn from Farscape or even Sookie from True Blood. All three of them scream kick-ass the minute they walk onscreen.

Loved the inclusion of River Song. That made my day more than the fairly obvious inclusion of our Slayer.
Of the ones I know, I'd drop Starbuck and Veronica Mars mainly because I hate their guts. The characters, that is. Although I don't like either actress that much either.
Walkdogger, we try and avoid comments like that here. It doesn't add to the site in any shape or form.
Simon, I apologize. I thought it wouldn't be a problem voicing a dislike for a character.
I have no problem with people saying that they don't like a certain character, I do draw the line at comments like "hate their guts" or "don't like either actress much either". It looks like bashing rather than criticism which is something I'm sure you didn't intend.
Where's Susan Ivanova?!

I totally thought Starbuck and Veronica Mars have a place on that list, they are two of my favourite female characters on television and you really can't deny both of them are strong women. Unless you use troll logic.
I think that's a great list. Honestly, there are a lot more strong female characters (I was happily surprised by this when thinking of more names to add to that list) in TV, but I like their choices.

One thing I liked about Veronica Mars was that she was very realistic. I mean, of course she was too smart, pretty, funny, and kick-ass to be true, but I liked how sometimes she made bad decisions, and she wasn't super strong or trained in martial arts, and sometimes she broke down emotionally. It's one of the rare cases where I actually like the protagonist of the show.
Yeah, another list with our girl. :) Hats off to Joss.
Great list. Love the inclusion of Third Watch's Faith.
Yay! Life was such an amazing show that got killed off way too soon, and Sarah Shahi as Dani was a huge part of that. Glad they showed my poor little Zen cop show some love.
And yes, yay for Buffy too.
I'm glad to see Buffy at the top of the list! I would have loved to see Xena make the official list, and greedy old me would have loved to see Zoe Washburne (Gina Torres) make the list as well.
Oh cool, I wondered if this story would be posted. I contributed Jennifer Garner to the list.
Without Xena in spot #1, I didn't even bother to check more than page one of it.
Buffy, still and always my favorite female heroine though Alias' Sydney Bristow is a close second.
I have a simple question : does Summer Glau belong to the Whedonverse or not ?

Because i watch this site for some time and Summer is never (i repeat NEVER) mentioned on the comments when she should be ( take a look at page 5 of this list).

Tell me i'm wrong and i should apologize immediately for being so chheky.
Hate lists like this. Almost every week some website is putting up a list that is so incomplete, but at least this one doesn't claim to be definative, just somebodies opinion.

But no Emma Peal, Xena, Ace, Kalinda Sharma, Faith, Nikita, Susan Ivanova, Aeryn Sun.
I think Summer Glau belongs to the Whedonverse cus I've never see Terminator SCC, I just couldn't betray Linda Hamilton. I just have never been that interested in her as an actress and while River was a good character she wasn't the stand out in the cast for me so is less interesting to talk about.

I guess the measure of a good character can be how much they live on in your mind after the tv has been turned off and River, and Simon for that matter, just never got to that level for me.

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