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"I think that hydrant wasn't there.."
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December 05 2003

Firefly: A New Hope For Star Wars Fans? "A firefly's light tends to be short lived, but when it lights up, it's not only bright - it usually blinks on again after being extinguished. When it comes to the show of the same name, there's a good chance this will be a rather apt metaphor."

I hope I did this right, it's my first posting. Anyway, I liked a lot of what she had to say and agreed that Star Wars fans would probably really love Firefly.

You did good :). I remember at the time when Firefly was still on the air there was a lot of comparisons between Captain Mal and a certain Han Solo.
I did put your quote between quotation marks.
Thanks for the quote marks - I didn't think of that!

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